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May the peace of the Lord be a happy afternoon with all of us to everyone and that this afternoon may reach all those who have both a spiritual and material need and also financial because the times are what they are at this moment everything seems to be enclosed in a total disaster but whoever trusts in the hands of God finds the solution the solution with a capital S this I can guarantee that I have tried all the colors and this is a 100% guarantee and this afternoon my lord put my heart to read some seven ecclesiastical verses we want to pray first and God bless us through his word always remind you to get on your knees while we pray and visualize Jesus feet orwith the mind or with me if you can even if you cannot kneel with the body get with the mind God knows everything while we kneel we smile at you Jesus' feet and that we can transmit our whole being at the feet of Jesus what it strikes us and what disturbs us bringing all our problems to the feet of Jesus good to God be the glory in Christ Jesus the Father Holy God of love we want to praise you thank you for everything that you Steve I ask in our life still grace like you you anoint us fromhigh and I cited that joy of persisting even today in coming to you through your son Jesus thank you that this way has been left free that we can carry all our defects our troubles our difficulties at the feet of Jesus and transferring them to the feet of Jesus we are so sure that Jesus and your son blessed forever will shine through to you thank you father again for this feeling of well-being of happiness that you give us through prayer through the so-called star in your goodness in your mercy through your son blessed forever thanks again for this word that is there todayit is given in ecclesiastical seven ladies do that while we read it sir it inspires us a total well-being and that we can distinguish and understand what you want to communicate with this word sir we are sure that when we read it then it will be filled and with everything inside us thanks father in the name of Christ Jesus you have eternally blessed Hallelujah well dear in grace you can open your eyes you can relax calm down and while I read this word if you sometimes feel something inside of you driving some relief or some tickle in your body as I read this word and I will say something that ladies will put heart know that there isit is something inside you that disturbs you these are the signals that every single one of our body expresses itself with these tickling signals or movements it is the lips the eyes nose the arms not tickling in all parts of the body these are the signals that our body transmits us to make him understand our dystonia well is this text in ecclesiastical sects as a title and the tests wisdom is moderation as a title we can already understand are tests to pass wisdom for those who do not have wisdom can request it while we will read this chapter to the lord and if you ask for it with good conduct and express yourself to tears of blood as Jesus expresses himself in that period which was in the Gethsemanegarden while the hour of his death was coming you will be like to say sufficient and fulfilled by the spirit of God and Jesus and here from the first verse he says a good reputation is worth more thanperfumed oil is the day of death it is better than the day of birth it is better to go to a house in mourning than to go to a house in celebration since the is the end of every man and the one who lives will want to mind sadness is worth more than laughter because when I notice it is afflicted the heart becomes better the heart of the wise and in the house of weeping but the heart of the fools is in the house of joy it is worth more to hear the repetition of the wise than to hear the song of the fools in fact what is the double the double called the crackling of the thorns under the pot such is the laughter of the fool also this is certainly vanityoppression makes sense the wise and the gift makes you lose your mind we stop here giving space if we have time to continue but I think that with this little episode of this chapter there is a lot of meat to cook because when we put too much meat in the pot and the pot to a to a certain extent and then it goes tight in cooking the meat burns or maybe it is bad to mix it or maybe to better control it put little meat in the pot but having total control and here we say things as soon as we have read strange strange is a way of saying that is assimilated by our unconscious and by our brain and by the cerebellum and by the hiptolamus because these points that I have mentioned are and have always been points of our beingsimple little ones and who assimilate all the things that we feed them or meet them through the vision of the television screens I have the television I have the cinema screen or the gestures of thehumanity of the stories that we live or sow or about work or daily life or even about what we endure natural and unnatural events these are the main points of our being that what we eat or meet these points the brain cerebellum our mind and all the rest assimilate it like a child when we talk to him to the child and we give him that dear melina he tells a speech he assimilates it as reality and so are these points that we have therefore when we have an aspect of our mastery let's reflect it to our senses with more strength with more sincerity never use a tone of weakness never use negative things but feed positive things things of greatnessof happiness of health of well-being and what we name and what we respect ourselves are in front of our unconscious our mind and our brain and in the cerebellum they assimilate it as reality that's why in these verses it makes us understand the pros and cons that it is better in this way I have in the other and here it says a good reputation is worth more than perfumed oil what is meant by this a good reputation is worth more thanperfumed oil is the day of death is better than the day of birth he wants us to understand that if we start doing good things we manage our life so well and we never make mistakes anyone having this good reputation whoever is close to us has a positive aspect an absolutely healthy aspect of prosperity and as idols they reflect us within their senses and declare us better than perfumed oil because this situation of man has more value that is transmitted to everything around him this wisdom prosperity health to all who are near and far through this Internet we can communicate with a very vast proximity and distance throughout theuniverse that's why and me I emanate positivity health happiness well-being and greatness both spiritual material and financial sometimes a little word is enough to make a man live or to bring him down and die in total discord that's why before we remain the sound of our mouth it is necessary that we examine it internally it does not give off the word if it is not reviewed by our heart because it is from the heart that the good conduct of theman and as he says here it is better than the day of birth and the day of death is better day of birth because it is better because when a child is born the child is not known but its beauty is seen if the child is beautiful it is said that it was born a beautiful child but you do not know his characters you do not know his past existence in this baggage of humanity if the contentment only that he was born a beautiful human being I am sorry if he is ugly or he is handicapped or he is despised or other only this we can mention sorry if someone tickled you in these words attention examine these feelings you have felt because there isit is something within you that has released your reality back in time you have suffered a little spiritual or material or financial trauma and here it tells us that the moment of death is better than the moment of birth because the moment of death dies a person or a individual you know what he does in life and even when the body goes to church the parish priest even talks about it if he is a good person says that this person has behaved well he has done this fact that done thiselse if they are important things they are already declared even publicly even with a microphone I also have today's people who know this person judge this person of his behavior even when this person de Cerere is judged bymost high God almighty what he did and what not at all and what could he do that you do not at all see why this is important the day of death is better than the day of birth you see it seemed like a verse so much to say without meaning for some even for me these meanings are come right now as the Holy spirit Melly inculcated thanks father thank you for them and name of Christ Jesus that you have blessed network to him you see and / or contact with God how it is so simple and here it says from the second verse it is better to go home mourning than going to a house in celebration since the is the end of every man and the one who lives will mind you see in this verse it says that it is better to go and findgo to see the last farewell to the last farewell of the deceased it is better it is better to go to a mourning house than to go to a party house because the is the end of every man and the one who lives will put his mind on going and not a house where there is 'it is mourning finding that sorrow of those people who have suffered that mourning inside us channels that we never imagine what channels of understanding are channels of expressions spiritual channels and channels also to distinguish what to be able to say at that precise moment to comfort those people who have suffered this loss family you see how many things that open going and the house mourning is instead what is enclosed by going where there is a house in celebration a house invests since the is the end of every man and the one who lives will be able to lie there party house there is already a reopening of something that leads tohappiness and making a mistake in doing strange things maybe at that precise moment to drink something and more than what our body can bear and maybe feel the intoxicationdrunkenness and does negative things to themselves to others you see first attack these words seem trivial but a sense of liberation occurs totally in the house of mourning and a closure in the house where there is a party and holidays and here from the third verse it says sadness is worth more laughter because when the face is afflicted the heart becomes better see this chapter we talk about sadness we talk about mourning we talk about going to console those who have suffered losses and makes us understand that sadness is worth more than laughter because when we are in sadness we enter our being we communicate with our brain with the cerebellum here is our heart first of all because everything comes out of our beingwhat could regulate our life today that we are living instead laughter what does it do because it says sadness is worth more than laughter because since when the face is afflicted the heart becomes better you see while we are afflicted in sadness this we fast that power that is unknown in us because we are going to dig into the tunnel of the existence of our being and dig dig dig dig dig until it finds the Treasure of the wisdom of spiritual and material knowledge is financial because nothing is resolved if man does not enter himself and controls all red himself what can be done in this way or in theother or a way of menzo and when we have tasted and known everything that we can bring out Dino within us then we have solved all our problem both financial and spiritual because our mind in that same time of expression communicates with the being divine if theman is in search of God you see how many beautiful things come out of these little verses sadness is worth more than laughter because when the face is afflicted the heart becomes better and from the fourth verse it says the heart of the wise and in the house of weeping but the heart of fools and in the house of joy you see here we have a confirmation of what the gentleman in his heart says a little while ago the heart of the wise man and in the house of weeping a little while ago soI said that while he is in that situation in that house where the loss took place our heart becomes more evolved our heart goes out of the ways of the roads of communication with the spirit of God you see but it is a heart of fools is in the house of joy with said a while ago when people are found in joy in happiness in party invitations and a few days ago we also had television to show an episode of private parties where you are all drugs, rape and many much more even for a fee you see that's why theman we must give a rule to avoid sometimes some things that could harm even here and sir wants to warn us the sir wants to put us in our being the main things of this life of a warning to all of us of our behavior what we should do and how we have to behave today and the best thing in this life is to do the will of the lord and here the fifth verse is more worth hearing the repression of the wise than hearing the song of fools and how many times our fathers recovered by saying us my son not there is going to that place because that place for you is a harmful place you will find yourself to lose and nothing to gain there is no going please my son is how many times there isthey said but we wanted to go our own way as if we were who we were and it wouldn't lead us and it didn't lead us to anything we did it our way and we made a mistake and after making a mistake we opened our eyes up and asked for forgiveness. wrong and here it is said that it is more valuable to hear the sage's prehension than to hear the song of fools, it is not true that when there isis an elderly person who wants to warn us it would be good to listen to him and maybe do what he is saying and not do our own thing by listening to songs as he says here is that hearing the song of the distorted fools they start singing half the way in their own way they say what they say and maybe someone applauds them and when there are some right now on TV that are behaving in a weird and vulgar way I don't want to get into the preambles of sexual man sexual women or man that Elijah applaud for what they have done and for what they are doing dressed as in this world we are continuing and a wrong path going towards a perverse path and instead here it tells us better it is better to listen to the right than itwrong it is worth more to hear the retention of the wise than to hear the song of fools see the pros and cons of this sinful nature and day after day it destroys us and makes us extinguish that wick day after day of our existence and here it says from verse you are in fact what it is the crackling of thorns under such a pot and the fool's rice also this is vanity this prominence of these thorns under the pot makes us think when there is something boiling and burning and with the crackling heat makes me think of other things that no cracklingwith the heat and the power of sin you see when in our being leads a way a life and a disastrous way seems to explode inside us something that remains outside our being what we have done even before it explodes we feel bitterness pro we feel disaster we feel neurosis we try things that are absurd that I can't even name them so as not to create even more solos to all of you who are watching listening and putting into practice this is the sense of guilt within us that explodes like a crackling of brambles its the pot that goes to give rise to a disease my dear so diseases occur especially the most harmful ones such as a tumor like these cells that get sick withoutreason to say but what life did this man lead or this not to have this difficulty to have these neuroses to have this arthrosis to have these inflammations to have himself and undergo many other things operations and many other things that could be avoided by conducting holy life a pure and perfect life here and the meaning of life here the sense of purity and here it tells us such is the laughter of the fool also this is vanity when it is the laughter of the fool who finds himself sick atrociously affected by internal and external diseases that despite all this he expresses a frantic laugh of disappointments for the whole world you see he does not enter into himself and drops to his knees and asks forgiveness from thesupreme being of almighty God having that desire for penance knowing that God is so great and wonderful that he could and wanting to save him from atrocious death see what the word of God says here and from seventh verse certain oppression makes senseless wise forgiveness makes you lose hindsight you see deserter you see sure it is certain oppression makes senseless the wise when the wise one is on the right road makes him on a razor's edge of eternal perfection and here he certainly says theoppression makes senseless the wise man who gets to have this gift makes you lose your mind you see sure and clear and clear that within us our life when and behave in a celestial sense we are free from all strangeness from all impurities from all things that could damage our being and here certainly tells us theoppression makes senseless the wise Eudora makes us lose our minds when we have behaved in the right balance we can abandon everything apart knowing that our behavior has surpassed everything in being in well-being and happiness that is why the Pro of God inspires us to behave perfectly well doing a bag of purity of health of spirituality and of helping others visit the sick the prisoners help the widows help the elderly children the homeless this is our doing they are things we put in our luggage as if we were putting money in a bank knowing that one day this bank when we have our need we go discuss what we havepoured that is why we must be a path of peace of health of tranquility of both spiritual and material well-being and living in this way and our being walks in purity in both material and spiritual happiness and here again this little summary is said to put this into action that in the interior of our being it could express what we do not yet know and to know it we need the wisdom of God which affects us through prayer through spirituality by entering on ourselves awayinside of our being could express what we do not yet know and to know it we need the wisdom of God that affects us through prayer through spirituality by entering on ourselves away

As you have noticed, the page of this natural Drago 15 program has filled up and made me write no more I have saved the previous page giving it a name and I have reopened a new page and started writing again always reborn the microphone and so and the man when he fills himself with sin of slag of difficulty he gets sick he can no longer walk he comes adrift if he does not download through prayer through the repentance of his behavior and of his being in bad shape he can never walk again he goes day after day always at the derives and gets sick more and more until his death comes, whether spiritual or matter, and so the lord wants to warn us all if we see that there isit is something inside of us that is wrong and useless that we are still looking for something forward to be able to teach ourselves or to change in a certain way always on that wrong and useless path if when this word is here we are warning in ecclesiastical sects it is warning that instead of going to the house where happiness dresses and many other things to go to the house where there isit is mourning to be able to let off steam and makes even those who are depressed in mourning and difficulty vent, giving them that comfort and giving them what at that moment even a word of well-being you see how many things there are in this world that could be avoided by walking for one right way according to the word of the Lord we can already feel healed by behaving well by doing what our God tells us to do we are lubricated with the Holy oil of spiritual prayer that purifies us day after day and where there is contempt comes joy where there isit is the disease comes the healing and in order not to divulge myself much much more than much in this little summary I would like to pray now for all of you and for me too let us bow our heads and if possible imagine ourselves at the feet of Jesus or with the mind or body in glory knee you father thank you father Holy God of love for that joy that you give us tonight in the being of your sonto be one of your children to be able to taste that joy that you today surely give to each of us father thanks for this word sir so beautiful so healthy with the purity of your lips sir my God that we can come to you and bring every moment of ours life at the feet of your son Jesus our whole existence sick in difficulty terror neurosis operation and many other things at the feet of your son knowing that you quote you will deny that you will see it purify us you will ask for that joy that immense happiness in your son Jesus Christ our Savior thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus whom you have eternally blessed amen bene dear in thanks having concluded this little episode I do not want to divulgeeven more because the chapter is very long it is surely too much meat surely it will burn if we put too much meat in the pot we stop here with our goodness with our joy with our happiness that we have acquired this evening but we will continue our day what will put us and our God if he is not in this word will give a 'another one importance what he expresses in our heart we will now do some information for those who are still for the first times who are knowing me and are knowing what the lord is doing in my life through his son Jesus Christ is a warning for all the whole world and I already have a little time that I am translating all my videos on the Internet into all the languages ​​that I can currently I am starting with me and German English and some other languages ​​that these days I will publish it has been a while 'hard to'I start because and how when a child starts walking and begins to take the first steps and begins to make the first falls but by starting to walk our legs are strengthened our balance is balanced even more and more strong and so we are in these days between these translations I'm buying microphones new sites new online translation in all the unlimited many other things that are helping me to translate as in fact the last video I made that I put into my site by entering my site I transcribe it because it is still the microphone does not write all united in this site when you enter this site you will find you see the written well because he copied you see and what I tell you by doing the first falls you learn between the falls and also the microphone while what I wrote is taught how theI wrote and wrote it the same we need each of us to have his experiences and these days I am having many experiences through what my heart is I want to communicate to the whole world even those who speak American English also those who speak Russian French Egyptian all the languages ​​of the world is to I want to publish them all on my site because I do not want to risk that by publishing them in a manager like YouTube like Facebook like other programs and other profiles it would be that for a small mistake close profile and they are lost I don't want to speak ill of these programs but I also want that every now and then maybe I put some videos even for those who still don't know me will find me in those YouTubeFacebook will find some copies I will also put it is doing this when you enter my site at the beginning I am putting two links and in particular where it says in this link by clicking you will find all the videos of God and testimonies translated into all languages ​​and at this link ininside this page you will find many links of pages of other sites made by me that each site and each growls there will be a complete page of the English German French Italian Red department all separate languages ​​for each thing each link will transport you to everything you will read and you will see the second news is that the gentleman but put his heart to build a large clinic here in Germany darmstadt where in this clinic there will be doctors paramedics nurses all those who will need to carry on this clinic where there will be no knives in the scissors and things for operate with iron tools but in this clinic there will only be prayer relaxation massages Digital pressure in the painful points that with thisDigital pressure can heal the whole body these days I am posting online some notices which would be that I am organizing in of the conferences that I here at my home in Germany andsick user at his home wherever he is breaks in Germany 90 England in America in Sicily wherever he is can be healed with this Digital pressure and with prayer mainly to do this it is necessary that whoever needs God in writing a statement that these videos that while this healing is being recorded and will go around the world and the person being treated is seen all over the world and while he is being healed there will be his testimony and will be heard by the whole world so I need that before have this healing even before having this transmission of contact between the healing with theuser I need a written transcript that you give me consent to disclose the outcome of the video all over the world the third piece of information is that since I will have to waste a lot of time for this spiritual operation it is necessary that before this operation takes place after your consent it is necessary that you make ayour voluntary offer no amount and included can be even 1/100 sent to my bank account number which you will find in my Facebook profiles and videos of every video I make translated if you can't see it in the video stop video when you see the photo write it go to the bank and pay the receipt take a photo of me and transfer it with WhatsApp or Sprite or Facebook and after we will have the healing interview these are of the utmost importance knowing that what you sent the network on offer for this healing will not be for me but it will be for this clinic that I wish to build here in Germany which will serve for yourselves, for your children and for the whole world.idea comes from God it does not come from me that is why everything is conveying with the gear you see that it meshes and tightens day by day with perfect gear with this I want to conclude through this information and I would like to give another more urgent information how to heal from cancer to cancer who is sick with cancer even that even if they have come to lose their hair with chemotherapy and have reached almost the last extremes there is a remedy a very simple remedy when you have to drink water before you drink it to boil only boil as soon as it cools down a little if the pubis if you don't taste this water alone while you Lapp some put a littleof you or a chamomile is something for your palate for your taste but the tumor what interests him is that he gets boiled water that is devoid of living cells because a tumor tumor lives exclusively from the cells that are in the water the tumor does not eats the food that we meet from the mouth but lives exclusively from the cells that are in the water and since we want thewater the cells die the tumor cannot eat them the dead cells does not digest them then it remains with a dry mouth and this large tumor when it slowly becomes thinner withers and at a certain point the attending physician who is under supervision of this wither person warns that the octopus of this tumor has withered Utah with scissors from the tumor disappears a warning always to all those who will recover from this tumor it is not that as soon as I cut you in the tumor you put me to drink normal water so much the cut tumor L'operation successful very well and you do not have to be careful quiet and always drink boiled water because since your body is sick there are no antibodies and they protect for these cells that have become ill and could risk multiplying other you Moretti other cancers in the path of immense better to drink boiled water add what you want sage chamomile tea you soluble tea of ​​all kinds importance what you want it is important that the water the cells die said this is it seems that we have understood a 'other information I want to give and the Digital pressure how to heal our whole body from problems that are in our body cells plugged venetian plugged arthrosis but cervical take-off brace that gets dirty cone is curved back and much more with Digital pressure and massages in the right place this healing of our body takes place this is something very simple but it takes a lot of attention when I do this must cams with the person who needs there must be at least two people with that person because one will use and cell phone to stop the video that I can see and give the right advice where to touch with your hand or finger or elbow with a stick see with a stick see if only when they arecan not do all this see it rests in the wall see my hands are free but since in love it must slowly crush where there is pain and if strong pain press slowly until after five seconds the pain is dulling and squirting stronger and easier where there is pain seeing the pain is where there isit is pain to squeeze more and wait the pain subsides becomes lighter squeeze more every now and then you see every so often and blood does like the pressure pump you know that pressure pump that uncork the sinks when it pumps this high pressure pump and goes to uncork sinks and so when we squeeze in the sick spot there is all the waste of dead blood cells and the heart pumps faster to free me.That we crush when we remove even 78 after five seconds does not matter it depends on the time we put on it when we want the pressure of the heart that the vein is free as blood and at that point the first healing already begins, the pain disappears and decreases and does some tweaks around as if taxes the piano or the keys with the hands of cale in the hands in the legs in the thighs all body can be healed but it takes attention first it takes prayer always I repeat to you if there is no prayer none will happen healing if there is noit is forgiveness nothing will happen everything you do and nothing so before you start doing something the prayer wants forgiveness and on our side to declare that you repent before Jesus if you do not get on your knees and ask forgiveness from God and Jesus and feed that you call me because this clear healing will not take place if you kneel before you call me and give glory to God and to Jesus then I promise you 100% healed you in the name of Jesus Christ the Savior said this it seems to me we said very excited they would still many would laugh at things to say but I cannot do everything in this video because it could become very heavy it would also be the spiritual and material relaxation of our bodythrough advice while we are indirect I can bring our state of mental and spiritual bodily relaxation to me and if you abandon yourself totally to this spiritual relaxation I can even take you back to where the first evil happened to you the first anguish the first sin the first difficulty suffered of the post life by gently giving you what you need to eliminate your problem stuttering of many other things cervical Assisi badly and it can be cured if you bend your knees in front of God and Jesus I leave you here to everyone I embrace you as I always do everyone when I hold you tightly to everyone at 1 × 1 in thelove and in the grace of God and Jesus and four kisses for each one where 3:04 for each four kisses for each one to God willingly we will feel soon and the double spirit of me true I now transfer to all who manage to grasp it take double the my spirit be for each one of you and may God bless us forever upon you amen



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