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a good afternoon to everyone today I would like to open my heart to be able to help all humanity in the sense that those who practice what has been in me will surely find peace, health, joy in Christ Jesus, not that health that sometimes is like saying momentary But that health for peace for eternal tranquility this I want to share is already someone is tickling their face already here the shoulders and here the legs and here in the back and here in the hands it is because we are talking about their problems we are talking about the problems of all humanity today theman gets sick easily he goes to the doctor he goes to the doctor for information and if he follows the instructions that the doctor gives him he prospers and we have a benefit yes the doctor tells us do so yes so in this sense and we perform it in all senses that is the Doctor So he tells us we will find health and today if some people touch their foreheads lightly the nose the mouth the right shoulder left the legs the thighs the feet wherever they touch there is a dystonia that will discharge a disease if we do not ascertain them in front of Jesus These are the dystonias that we have on us So if anyone in these days while watching this video or other videos that I am performing with thehelp from God and Jesus and you see yourself in dystonia by touching your eyes your nose your face I have something else that you don't touch it doesn't matter touch his and the same we are in dystonia in that point and what it means to be in dystonia in those points and we touch or do not touch each other even that we feel them means that we have exceeded the limit of gathering physical and physical brain information when the our brain reaches the limit that is then filling up from a stimulation To make us understand that we are full at that point of tension and makes us feel it as soon as possible with many other stimulation example headaches stress muscle pains etc. etc. because it warns us in this way to give us that help of being able to downloadall these tensions How to unload this tension we have explained it and I have explained it in different ways and in different videos On different occasions because I was able to give the feeling to everyone how to be able to unload unload means like a truck when it unloads all the load that I am giving you the stimulation on the truck at this moment imagine that there is a truck that is slowly lifting the loading trolley opens the rear side and while it is lifting all the goods or the weight or anything that was above the truck unloads automatically this is our load that we have in the cerebellum brain and the iptolamo we have in our subconscious the brain the italamo cerebellum will have to be unloaded,being discharged means that we must go to the source to who created us and who created you if not God with his breath with his word has given us the joy of being closer to him has given us life there gave theexistence is in this world and only he can fix our physical and physical balance dear ones in the grace of God and of Jesus now that we understand that we must go and unload at the feet of Jesus with prayers with an act of repentance with absolute tranquility of everything that we have it on us to be able to present it at the feet of Jesus how to make it go to the feet of Jesus I have explained it many times and I will explain it once again today in this video First of all When I want to download all the events that you have on face in the legs and feet in the arms in the shoulders anywhere in the body can be downloaded with absolute tranquility by visualizing with the mind the feet of Jesus Christ as you imagine it,and you should imagine it does not matter blonde dark brown black I have almond eyes it does not matter but imagine that you look at his feet kneel at the feet of Jesus only so you can have direct contact with the eternal God by kneeling at the feet of Jesus. Jesus you will find the peace and joy and tranquility you need When you understand how to do it when you are at Jesus' feet, empty everything open up as in this moment I am opening here in front of this screen. recent in my life and I have benefited first of all and whoever takes shelter ineternal God through Jesus in prayer or in a state of absolute tranquility of rest of benefit to listen to the doctor but to finish what he is told and discharging everything at the feet of Jesus a brain washing takes place in the cerebellum and HIPTOLAMUS when it occurs this wash of cleansing interior exterior physical and physical Then health occurs in the whole personality I have had direct testimony with the Lord the eternal with the doctors is still what I am teaching myself in these days with cracking What is the cracking are typing in the points that the person feels pain in the shoulder in the cervical in the kidneys in the legs in the toes in the fingers wherever there isit's a pain typing with your hands those points makes a crack is the person decreases the pain day after day while doing these things i have them done by someone competent doctors paramedics masseurs muscle and mental relaxation will benefit your health and body and gives witness to all the others who have a need because we must not think only for ourselves God says Help yourself that I help you and so we give the possibility to others to help them as best we can because man alone cannot solve anything and we must seek to help as many people as possible to evolve to heal from every disease state they have on you can see me among the videos I'm about to do these days and soon I'll make more special ones that can be seen at sighteye and you can really manage your health or as if nothing had happened because I found the system to help even people at a distance with the webcam through advice always means that whoever calls me not the web cam there must be at least two people one who he does what I tell him with his hands touching him and typing with the massage I cracked what I tell him the second person has to film with the video everything that is being done on that person because he will need it when we have finished reviewing what he had done to realize the healing as it was before and how after when it ends because the gesticulation and the resolution of each muscle can be seen with closed eyes and if he has filmed the video that Sara recorded after this I will give him some suggestions that they will be miraculous with prayer andwith the glory of God and Jesus work Remote healing is this now back to what has happened to me in these days as a living testimony I say it has been a long time since I always felt tired the evening after I returned from work I looked like an old man to 90 years completely destroyed I could no longer stand up I could no longer climb 2 floors of stairs to climb home I had that Temptation that my life was over Certainly you tell me what you want Angelo Picone you are 68 years old and next year you will do 69 soon you will do 70 this consoles me and consoled me when they told me what you want too my wife used to tell me By now you are old What do you want to do with it you don't have to work anymore and No you don't have to work anymore because work destroys you and has finished you completely but me with my stubbornness I wish to work up tolast day of life I have of what I can because I understand that when I retire that I will no longer work my life is dead I do not recommend anyone to pause forever because it is forever that you are completely finished But you have to look for the remedy as i searched for remedy is first i got down on my knees i prayed to the lord and told him father in the name of your son jesus christ i need your help i am finished completely after a day of work or hard work or work little or hardly any work in the evening i'm tired to death i can't take it anymore father i need your intervention andintervention of your son Jesus so please assist me Advise me please let me feel inside of me what I have to do and so it happened the Lord made himself heard and while my wife had to undergo the analyzes before leaving here in Italy he put me in the heart the Lord Angelo, you too have the blood and urine tests and then you will have the results and so in the morning when I accompanied my wife to the doctor I asked if I could do the tests too even that I had not booked them but the gentleman has foreseen everything therethere were few people that morning almost no one 2 people before us And they satisfied me By doing the tests when I did these tests a couple of days later my wife and I went to the doctor to see the situation of that my problem is my problem wife the doctor solved my wife's problem and solved my problem too by telling me she abused sugar abused blood sugar a littleof everything This is why she is tired in the evening and during the whole day she struggles to walk and have these problems pains and difficulties I told him doctor your words can be holy she assures me that I do what she said I you regain strength and regain my physical personality the doctor told me if you do these things that you do not eat so much sugar so many sweets that you have a sedentary life at rest peace of mind while you are on vacation when she comes back from vacation she will show up again to me we will do again the tests and I assure him that she will have the physical strength the strength she needs in the muscles the power in her body I took these words of the doctor as I take for faith the words of God in his word when he speaks to me and when he manages my life I made ainfatuation with the doctor to give him that trust a serious trust and so I have not abused sugar anymore I have not abused ice cream I have not eaten more sweets because it is in the days before I was also abusing panettone cakes, chocolates, candies and many other things that brought me a lot of sugar in the blood high blood sugar and many other things on the rise this new life that I am trying these days it seems that I am Reborn with a new body Yet I have been doing this therapy for a couple of days to keep me calm in eating and drinking do not abuse anything and I am bringing a wonderful support that I can tell you is a simple cure for the first days eat white bread little meat White Chicken rabbits fish turkey whole salad tomatoes side dish always things that do not harm thebody not to abuse in fatness anything brings fatness but if it is taken calmly and keeping within the right limits in eating everything is good so I do not forbid you anything, nothing for any reason I want to forbid you So now that you have understood how to be reborn in you can also enjoy the benefit of a new life if you first bend your knees before Jesus giving him Glory to God in the highest heavens and asking forgiveness for all the Evil things you have done in your life if you do this All that it should make you feel bad changes from like this to so there will be a turning point in your life changes from like this to so a reversal of the human being in a few days there is no need for a year two but for tranquility and spiritual and material inner well-being This is the benefit inhuman organism be sure that you will find peace both for you and for your friends, family, acquaintances and all those you care to help because you will be a living testimony for everyone who visits or seeks you in any situation because we will be like lanterns well seen by eyes of the whole world now I would not want to make these my stories or my videos very long I would like to try to shorten everything in the love AND grace of the Lordlove And in the grace of the Lordlove And in the grace of the LordGentlemanJesus Christ is our savior I would now like to pray for each of you that you may be involved in what I have told in what I am trying to express to myself because our Joy is in seeing the people of God freer happier in harmony if you are ofagreement let us bow at Jesus' feet with the mind or with the body it does not matter as I explained to you seeing the feet of Jesus and kissing the feet of Jesus here now let us kneel at the feet of Jesus with the mind or with the body father Holy I come to you through the feet of your son Jesus we are here we look at the feet of Jesus and we kiss them one kiss for one kiss and this is for you father Gloria to you father thank you father for what you have done in these long years that we have been faithful to you Thank you again what you will do from now on in our life in our house is in our family still remain a father with us what we lack in these days that you will give us Thank you father God oflove thanks to your son Jesus who came 2022 years ago in this world to give us his life his heart and his spirit and everything else that you have given him thank you father we thank you again for what you will still do for us family members and our neighbors for our brothers sisters friends relatives and those who rely on you through your son Jesus Thank you father still keep blessing us the rest of the day we will spend the night again next month next year and all the years that separate us from the coming of your son Jesus to kidnap us and take us with him Thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that youyou have blessed forever amen Glory to God brothers sisters friends How many are you listening and have seen this video is exactly you will see it again and then again and then again again until you find the thread of the glory of God and Jesus because through these video that I am trying to put before your eyes before your heart before your spirit you will find the thread that connects with your spirit through the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord waiting for you to connect with him through your eternal spirit That God is giving you through everything you will do again with this let's take a parenthesis on what we have told is something that has happened to me and I hope you will benefit from it I have benefited from it and surely you will have it too if you do it and you take it toterm to the end with this I tell you that some information that I am carrying on a site is  and in this site that I am carrying on you will find all the videos of this type of this kind that will help you in everything and I also point out that we are soon to build a large clinic in Germany where in this clinic they will not use scalpels knives scissors or any other tools that could harm the body or despise it all that the person needs thesick is cured with prayer with these kinds of things that I have named in this video that would be relaxation tranquility the crackink that would be the digital pressure of the body at the point where the person is sick this Digital pressure is called crackink or homeopathic or other or relaxation or Digital pressure are studies that I have done in person and I am able to manage them on other people this is a benefit that I have also had with two products that I bought these days and I will point out to you This is a gun that by firing taps on the person who feels bad wherever there is a problem shooting him with this gun his system goes into balance or even with this vibrator theI turn it on I turn it on feel how it vibrates you see my face how it is shaping all the rejuvenation even the hair color is turning black again they are being born from my scalp I do not know if you see them and how you see cervical sufferers through these two massager guns and 1 type establishment of the whole organism Here I have shown you I show you how you can increase the more it is here you can decrease it I put the electronic pistol movement I show you how the noise when it shoots you see This is a little you have had a pain shoot us you will not get hurt don't worry I tried it before me and the Lord did not want me to hurt so much So I guarantee it in thelove And in the grace of the Lord I am what I tell you this white gun with the wire you do not have to use it much because it heats as soon as it heats up as soon as you have to turn it off unplug it you have to turn off if it does not burn Instead thatother you can use it night day when you download it at 5 minutes you recharge it you can recharge that of the massage but this is important that you do not use it so much because otherwise it burns well I showed you this you see in the hand in the fingers that fall asleep shoot us and you will see that are put in motion where there are veins that are blocked and with this they are put into circulation again as when they were young Here I turn off this gun to make you understand how they work perfect Glory God and Glory to Jesus now what I ask you I am giving you all the information in the world that can exist and in all respects I still tell you an information that I have handed down several years would be Boiled water take thetap water is the same you can take it wherever you want from the bottle or at the tap it must be boiled so all the cells die then when it cools you put the bottle and you can take it wherever you want to the sea in the mountains to work where you want to know that this water that when boiled all the cells die and therefore it cannot stay more than 24 hours after you have to throw it away remember when you do it mark thetime so 24 after you throw it away at any time 24 hours throw it away and this water must be boiled again since all the cells are dead no longer feeds the tumor who has the tumor and you tell me but I do not have the tumor because I have to drink this boiled water because it treats the tumor if you have inflammation in the body in the stomach in the external skin is internal so know that it is good everywhere use your loved ones in grace yes I tell you you must use it because it is the protection of your health even if you do not have the tumor drinking this water would not suffer problems in the stomach inflammation difficulties of any kind because the cells are dead when you drink it digest it immediately but it is also just fine even for children those who are not weaned yet means very small When they have a sick stomach or notthey eat well they have no appetite this water also makes them appetite because the cells are dead

 it helps the inflammation of the body so other than water of the one bought dearly I appreciate this there is only to boil it and boil a liter of water is not expensive so I told you that this information is an information of the utmost importance pass it to your friends if you know someone who tells him the doctor tells him look that she is 3 months old and then dies of a tumor advise us to drink the boiled water and those three months will become an eternity because the patient does not die the tumor but dies and the tumor because the tumor when the water is boiled there are no living cells that can swallow this octopus tumor tumor the tumor lives only on water cells does not eat meat does not eat blood does not eat anything only eats the cells that are in thewater therefore by drinking boiled water you will find health because the polyp the tumor feeds only on cancer cells and when the patient who was told that he was 3 months old after three months goes to do the checks again and the doctor realizes that he does not the patient died but the tumor died the tumor what does he do by not feeding on the cells that are in the water he knows that Ardito is stuck all over his body to which he dries up dries up like the grass in the fields you see how he does not oxygen from the germs arrives in the water and he wastes away and dies dry and the doctor when he sees that the polyp the tumor is dry orders him to be operated on as soon as possible cuts and polyp the tumor is the patient is cured but be careful when they have operated on you do not return to drink thenormal bottle water the one you bought because you didn't do anything In fact you made everything you did before worse because since there was an infection in your tumor body other tumors could be triggered you know how tumors like potatoes trigger when potatoes are aging and a point of humidity is put into action, the cells that make other potatoes are triggered and so these tumor cells that produce other tumors are triggered and they produce in quantity and you will be ruined for life so do not go back to drinking normal water always drink boiled water because otherwise you will be ruined I tell you inlove of the Lord listen to me because tests have been made and they are like this and you also have proofs You when people who are operated on cut the tumor some of them snap again and go to death because they cannot operate several times people are already operating one twice three times maximum 4 times the person does not resist all these operations So I tell you listen to me in thelove And in the grace of the Lord do not drink more water from bottles but drink only boiled water when you eat everything you eat you will digest it better and you will no longer have stomach inflammation in the evening when you sleep you will sleep like an angel like an angel because your body takes strength in all respects this is the second piece of information that I am giving you today that I have given it to you for several years but some are entering my range to see what I publish now and now that they know me and therefore And now that Unfortunately the page is fills and I have to delete everything otherwise the microphone does not write this is the third information that I will give to all those who need it as you fill this page and it is already filled twice in this video and so our head fills our brain ourcerebellum and if they do not download as I did I copied everything and putting it on another page I saved it and I will use everything on my site and to make the movie all I transcribed with this online recording I copy and paste and then I transmit it in the balabolka program this balabolka program there are all the languages ​​I want to type Italian Russian French English Whoever wants to do something can download balabolka program then the languages ​​are up to a certain point and you have to download them from the internet in the Explore program his PC This is an information for all brothers and sisters who will try to do something similar know that I do not keep secrets from anyone the Lord gives them to me for free these things and for free I give them to alluniverse therefore take a cue and you too can do something in your small way because if you do not start with the small you cannot do the big one is the Lord wants all humanity to collaborate with the whole universe that can all the universe kneel before his son Jesus Christ when the whole world is the whole universe will kneel before his son Jesus Christ Then the end of time will come So if We help the whole world it is alluniverse to kneel before the son of God Jesus Christ we will not perish all this time the earth that is burning us we see it as the sun is overheated throughout the planet How it is burning and in every sense every day is still this nothing because in this year it is still a novice year of the Entrances of the glacial times that are entering our planet all this heat that is doing in this summer will make the double winter of glacial cold cold every year increases more because all the air that will enter this planet from these holes that have been made in the zoto It will be very dangerous,very dangerous in all senses I would not bother you too much by continuing this video because it seems to me that it was suitable to give you both spiritual and physical knowledge in all senses so dear ones let's work for the good of humanity always making our Lord as the first fruits of our actions and by doing so we will find eternal peace I told you in advance In this video I am telling you at the end of this video now we will stop again for the latest news and When we finish completing the clinic we will do here in Darmstadt in Germany which will be completely finished Then if no one has yet completed God's temple in Jerusalem We will do it too this is thedefinitive information from the Lord that I was told if it will be done who knows It may be that at this moment Someone is moving to build this Holy temple because if this Holy temple is not built in Jerusalem Jesus will not come down and the event will not come and Jesus has transcribed his coming so Get moving brothers, take a grip, let's start with the collection of positivity and the offering the offer serves to anticipate the coming of Jesus because by building this clinic all his people will be healed from all the troubles from all difficulties and building the temple of God Jesus will return to his Temple is the final event will be his coming to transport us for eternity in the Celestial Jerusalem God bless us Again with this information now We will pray for thedefinitive information Heavenly Father God of love at this moment we want to pray to you everything that comes to us from the heart and from thesoul we want to give our heart to you father in this moment more than ever we have understood when you are great and wonderful So father tonight Give us that peace that you promised us now your son Jesus and surely tonight we will sleep better because we will have that inner peace that you promised through your son Thank you father for this sensitization that you have given us thank you father again I beg you for all the sick to help and heal them bless them again Widows the elderly drug addicts The homeless Father bless the alcoholics again this moment all those who are on the street who do not have a roof to sleep all those who are unemployed at this moment who are not working father help them support them and carry them on because this Joy returns to their hearts and still father I pray forall the inmates who can go back in the time of his dismissal of his guilt who can understand and say Abba father tonight father teaches all humanity that they can find everything in their heart they desire to fulfill Thank you father for this again bless our homes our families our children our husbands our wives and relatives still brothers and sisters friends both in flesh and in spirit o good father Heavenly God of love Thank you for what you do and will do again in our life so that our life may be in Christ Jesus or a good Heavenly Father, bless me Father again that I can establish all theharmony that had broken in my life in my body in my muscles still in my bones that can regenerate like eagles or good father how you made the beak grow in eagles you make grow in me what was diminished that I can find that strength in power yours is in Christ Jesus o good father I beg you again for my wife bless the father again the journey that my children will make Lord still of the holidays they will take and that they will return here to licata Lord for these days that they can find Thanks too in front of your eyes still good Father Heavenly I want to pray you to bless above all the presence that there is in these days through the work that I am about to do Lord for these videos that I am about to translate Lord I need new programs and I do not have how to buy them father do that I can get these programs backfor free Lord because I know you can anything father or do that may have an offer to buy these programs Yes Lord to use them in thethe internet to be able to make videos even better to have more sophisticated programs to be able to make the best titles to be able to make better films to be able to do anything that can satisfy the spirit that people who are weakly ill in distress who can be touched gives this impression that you Lord through these videos you will make in Christ Jesus Thank you father again for what you will do in the future Thank you father in Christ Jesus amen This is my site that I send it to you in the video and may your life be changed through what is in this site I am sending it to you in the video for all those who can find everything according to What God wants here soon they will load the videos It takes a little bit of time I make it pass each link is a video each link is a particular site as you can seethere are many links a lot of information I am sending it to you in this video to make you understand how great the Lord is of what he makes us do Here is the string automatically all the videos I am doing in all languages ​​Italian Russian French and english everything here is in chinese as you see also chinese japanese IF YOU FEEL HELP HEALED ASSISTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD OF EVERYTHING YOU TASTED FEEL FREE TO OFFER A PLEASANT OFFER TO GOD HERE THE LINK BELOW CLICK US AND COPY THE TEXT FOR THE DONATION COUNTER TO THE ANGELO PICONE MISSION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW CLINIC WHERE EVERYTHING IS FREE AMENit is the automatic string all the videos I am doing in all languages ​​Italian Russian French and English everything here in Chinese as you can see also Chinese Japanese IF YOU FEEL HELP HEALED ASSISTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD OF EVERYTHING YOU TASTED FEEL FREE TO OFFER AN OFFER GRADE TO GOD CE THE LINK BELOW CLICK US AND COPY THE TEXT FOR THE BENCH FOR DONATIONS TO THE ANGELO PICONE MISSION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW CLINIC WHERE EVERYTHING IS FREE AMENit is the automatic string all the videos I am doing in all languages ​​Italian Russian French and English everything here in Chinese as you can see also Chinese Japanese IF YOU FEEL HELP HEALED ASSISTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD OF EVERYTHING YOU TASTED FEEL FREE TO OFFER AN OFFER GRADE TO GOD CE THE LINK BELOW CLICK US AND COPY THE TEXT FOR THE BENCH FOR DONATIONS TO THE ANGELO PICONE MISSION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW CLINIC WHERE EVERYTHING IS FREE AMENEVERYTHING IS FREE AMENEVERYTHING IS FREE AMEN










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