A good evening we can say evening because we are already lying to arrive for the evening, but this specification is very important because surely Remus will also present us today Psalm 95, with joy, grace and power of God and Jesus I point out that everything must be done according to the commandments of the lord and not according to man because man deviates every moment of his life and we want to be like those who obey serve the lord with dignity ¿½. As you can see today made some changes you can notice that the finger of the finger there is the program with a TV on the wall that transmits, but that there was currently this same profile in sometimes, since they are two profiles nothing goes,but since we are in the same profile because yesterday to a very important news and unfortunately they disturbed this news and this morning they blocked my profile. You know what I am talking about in the news and I know that unfortunately the man has to obey also at the top of the other at this moment there is someone who if disturbed and we do not know that in any case we go ahead with this news of the evening of Psalm 95 and above all we present as always boiled water what is boiled water for. We know that when it is boiled and then it does not matter if it is placed in the Thames � or by the clock itself it is left to cool and then, even Fred, but we know the behavior that boiled water does, given that while the abolition of water the cells that are inwater all die and pure water remains pure water, without any form of life. This no form of life, introducing to our body no longer feeds the tumor that is suffering from tumor or because it is about to get sick, also a prevention that no one ever gets sick again with this boiled water. In addition, this boiled water makes sure that it removes all the inflammation that is in the body I would like to point out that last week I went to my doctor for information and he saw that I had not had a blood check for two years ea preferred that the next morning I would go to do this check because it is very important. Maybe he told me to be checked,maybe every two years normal and every year and so last week i did this blood check � since i did this blood check this week i went to the doctor to see how the check went and i she said she was super the doctor was astonished, as she could. All this change in the blood from last year, because in these two years it has made a total change told me well. I didn't want to lengthen the speech so much, but that said only doctor I follow it I drink all day of the powder Fred too not only this can also make ice lollies the granita what he wants with this because the water , since it emerged in the freezer all bacteria that are still resistant to water stop there, if there is any of thenon-putrid water succeeds. That is why, since this water the germs are almost all dead and it awakens the normal one you should not leave it for more than a day twenty-four hours and then throw away the freezer base. To last different times like other foods � we have now also clarified what boiled water does to what this reasoning implies. What the Lord wants to tell us now in Psalm 95 we will not see those eyes of ours and with our intelligence after prayer. Let's give the microphone some time to reach us so as not to distance ourselves too much. In the meantime, take a Bible and place yourself on Psalm 95 where there is the text that says invitation to donation.I have added must of the kings because see the net if someone has come tickled like me nose misses with the shoulder of the kiss the head everywhere this as Lecce seal, a dystonia or something that has been to form or of ascertain or move towards a better definition. Anyone can be their own doctor. With these affirmations we can see where we are lacking and we can get closer to the monster behavior to the monster to do mainly because it is important that we check for ourselves, see where there is deficiency and replace what we recognize better to be it seems to be in the vanguard of Christ Jesus because, because everyone who is approaching the temple of God,ever closer day after day he will soon come to a decisive approach to Christ Jesus well now that we have clarified this too we want to start praying. We know that when I am about to pray, I want to kneel both myself and all those who agree to this blessed prayer to draw close to God and Jesus. This drawing near to God. Jesus has a motive in our physical, mental and spiritual constitution. When we approach Jesus' feet, we automatically enter an emphasis of personal, physical, spiritual splitting, the closer we get to Jesus and the more we turn around in that instant prayer in the spirit of God � decided. That is why I am doing very high evolutions these days.Having said the reasons for this, the reasons for this are that I am getting closer moment by moment of my life closer God and Jesus and closer, the more my life evolves and you can see for yourself how many changes that I have been able to do from the day you know me until today only I do not speak rural, but I speak singular I speak singular in the presence of every believer of every individual, because, because when one speaks singular there is a face to face in the speech that today I want to speak directly yes, just to you who are here in front of this webcam. That is why I am speaking in singular to you present act that you are looking at today then have something wonderful in your life if you knelt today as in this moment I will kneel,I will do it with my mind because I am here in front of this video but you who are alone because you find your home somewhere alone live nobody and you have no problems kneel imagine the presence of Jesus, look his feet kneeling in front of him and if peace becomes possible, his feet, as I will do at this moment. Here he is girding me on my knees in front of Jesus' feet. Thank you. These kisses are for you my king, my Savior thank you sir for the joy that you give me thanks for the health you have given me. Thank you for all the strength you have given me these days again for yesterday, as you have done amazing things in my life. Tonight I was still thinking what I did with you yesterday and this morning I was another person. I didn't understand what happened, but when I saw the footage,I realized what happened because I was as if I was in a deep sleep and a trans and my lord it was beautiful what you did with my body with my voice with all of mine to be. I thank you for them, eternally, as long as it has life and when it is in the spirit next to you. Thank you sir thank you big brother of every event and tonight my lord I want to pray to you again for what you will kill through this psalm 90 five yes sir, I know you will do great things through your son thank you, as you are challenging us tonight,it is claimed that it will carry us forward thank you again I want to pray for all those who are in suffering for all those who have a problem for all those who are sick to all those who are in prison for widows yes my lord still you I want to pray for all those who are in a coma you can wake up yes my lord I want to pray to you again because he has a total need to get close to you. I thank you my lord, for the joy and love that you are carrying out on me on my house on my family on my brothers and sisters, friends and all those who are still approaching you. Through these videos through my site through what you make me publish through faith through any plausible information of the Christian life. I thank you my lord,I thank you again for what it is. From this moment on you will dismiss us through your spirit through your power thank you thank you father thank you my God thank you my Jesus for everything now good heavenly father in the name of your son Jesus Christ especially bless this psalm 95 , and we want to beg you to come down on us and speak as you prefer you know everything we pray forced close to us and spoke because when you speak the whole world is silent because there is a difference ½ to your speaking in your voice of your power in your affection and in the effect you have on everyone who will listen to it.Thank you heavenly father in the name of Christ Jesus that blessed forever you have thanks to me now that we have said to pay for what we will be reading Psalm 95 that you feel scratching you can scratch both of the dystonias of the ethical clods in the body of the shoulders, the arms of the stomach from the legs everywhere there is a tickle, know that there is a reason about you on your life about what you are asking God, be strong, courageous and take act of what you will understand about this moment of prayer, reflection and comments,God through his spirit will bestow upon us poor souls who are in search of the living God in Christ Jesus, now it would also be good to give a little time to the microphone that can reach automatic writing as close as possible as text on psalm 95 tells us as text invitation to donation what the text means perhaps he wants to invite us to something mysterious he wants to invite us to a party he wants to invite us absurd accusations. No, this text wants to invite us to behave more and more close to God and to Jesus in adoration means that we come closer and closer to him to adore him in prayers in praise, adoration and make sure that we can always be in agreement with his decrees with his word as he has left the Bible transcribed in his word. This is the meaning ofinfinite to adoration now your brother, sister friend also I speak to those who turn away from God to you and other people who do not know what the word of God means I am referring to you too may not only have the possibility to save yourself, but also to be able feel that joy that the Lord wants to put you too in your hearts, in your soul and in your spirit. Be assured that if you approach God you will find the road that will lead back to salvation and in the first verse God says these words to us, the slave of the glory of Christ Jesus. Amen was first verse says come, we sing with joy to the lord we camp at the rock of our salvation. You see what can started to speak in the text reflects already in the first verse, because reflect first verse,you can also see the movements I am doing because it already speaks to us through the signs of our body it makes us tickle somewhere in the body to see that the reality that we are either close or detached makes us understand with what with the measure of the purity of oneself we do not know God in any way at the first tickle we already realize that we are in the weakness of the lack of this feeling that we are experiencing. On the other hand, when the person is close to God, God is very close to the sensation that he gives us with a tickle. You see, everything we have done in the direction that we are is confirmed is made to understand with the internal satisfaction of the heart of the soul that we are on the road. That's why I'm saying it is very important in life to hear them try and cheer them on,and as nine in this moment says verse come we camp with joy to the lord we camp at the rock of our salvation, while I was already speaking feelings of acclamation went 100% approach God in the presence of his son Jesus Christ you see they were like this in the direction of acclamation presence of the living God in view of that is why I had the tickle signal on another. That's why there are confirmations. I do not know what kind of feeling you felt what kind of tickle you felt while I was explaining these little words in this verse come, we sing with joy to the lord we camp at the rock of our salvation. Our salvation. See, rejoice in our feeling thinking we're on one side of salvation and the second verse,says let's introduce ourselves to him with let's celebrate Consalvi we are approaching the farewell we went in prayer through his son on his knees before his feet. A little while ago we presented ourselves close to the presence of God as a trans-third at the feet of Jesus, some like losing the majesty of the power of God found themselves already in the garden of eden in the heavenly Jerusalem because because because He has come as a third trans when we present him with heavenly ways. We see with corpses in adoration songs we have not completed all that God desires every believer who approaches this desires God from every living soul. If we already in the morning when we get up and want a good mood let's immediately start singing in a low voice aloud how we feel praised and see if we are traumatized if we are nervous,we are a little in the mood as we sing or hum goodbye praises. We notice the change we have in the mood of presence as our being comes to life as our being also changes the color of the astral of our body, because when the man, a woman and sad Laura around us changes color , sadness was a dark brown color. When you see a man who looks sad you see him in a dark color, if you look him fixedly in the eyes you see me that dark, his view of the wave of the astral is dark brown because sadness is sad and / or darkens our aura and instead when we sing we are happy and praise the lord,our aura shines with wonderful colors celestial blue on the shining on the yellowish like a rainbow that shines from the sky when a downpour of the rain ends and the rainbow appears on the sky, but we see the beautiful reflection of that arc it is worth we cannot define it on our body, that Laura that we have when we are of an excellent physical, spiritual and corporal shape. Here we want to clarify this too loses the more that they are curious because our body is in that sad situation and what reason sadness sometimes also contaminates that around us info we also think that it is close to us.That is why when one hums that he is close to us they too are influenced by that joy that is within us and we see that others add to our joy by feeling in happiness and just like when we are sad and atrium. We are the spirit of those around us and a contamination like a virus but we do not enter this field we are in the field of the joy of the lord and the joy of the Christian and from the third verses that, since the Lord Jon God great a great king above all the gods, you see, since the lord God great great king above all the gods, sometimes in the primitives they spoke of gods each one built a form or a personal adoration that was built of the gods the gods of the sun, of the moon of the horse cow of any shape,that he was pleased even people were also pleased with himself and adored themselves. Here he then tells us that the lord Jon God large one withers above all gods there are no gods superior to our God, God, universal God to the eternally powerful God over all gods that could exist in the universe. That is why he then says that the great lord, great a great king above all the gods of the whole universe. Here is the reason from the fourth verse he says in his hands sound the depths of the earth and the heights of the worlds are his. Everything that goes on in this world on the planets on the earth on the whole milky way over the whole universe and his in his hands I sound the depths of the third be all that in the depths of the earth are in the his hands, because he is above all things underground,than on earth and air. Here on the heights of the worlds they are all his because they are his we understand with the utmost certainty, knowing that we ourselves. The same Leah built himself said both the earth and the earth was this means that he created it himself and that the putting into the world and he is the master of everything was fifth verse says on they shaped the dry land. You see, by previewing the next verses we are set and a line of perfection. That's why he says his and the sea because he made it and his hands shaped the dry earth he said both the earth and the earth it was when he created all this universe he realized that there was a part that it was all water and he said there is dryness and so it was.His hands have shaped the dry earth and from the sixth verse he says come let us worship finally in bow let us kneel before the lord who made us come tonight today before the feet of Jesus let us bow to him and we adore who has brought us into the world who is there created those who adopted us as sons as daughters let us bow and adore seeing we adore the God of the impossible, our God, who confirms our peace and our joy we can do it with tranquility, while we bow all the our being takes evolution a spiritual evolution that we ourselves,sometimes we do not understand what this evolution means because because life and we totally change putting ourselves under this evolution that God puts in front of us and this evolution we do not see day after day as he confirms it for us equine verse seven says for he is our God and we are the people whose care and flock his hand leads, you see, as we bow to his presence through his son Jesus Christ, we let us put in that condition of being guided by him through his son, because his son. Jesus is the shepherd of his people and when we bow down in this situation, to worship seeing we put ourselves in the condition of being affirmed in the glory of God and in his eternally beloved son. It's here,since the flock that his hand leads takes us by the hand and in that instant leads us where he desires in the restful grassy pastures, he leads us to that point where we need his peace, where his peace restores our senses . The soul, the personality, all the aching points disappear while we rest in that pasture in that flock, in that enclosure of adoration, our peace reaches its peak what it means to the climax because it takes possession of us a ecstasy of serenity, joy and happiness because because we have reached the power of the divine essence by finding ourselves close to the shepherd who leads the flock of God, Jesus Christ our beloved Savior we give ourselves space to the microphone that reaches the destination we slow down a little and beautiful.This system of recording because while we present it was signed by presenting the other registered profile and is on air right now you see a video of mine, plus that of the paradise mission brother Giuseppe is recording what elegantly from the his spirit well and micro reached his heart. This is precisely what the spirit of slowing down told me because it made me understand that the microphone has reached the limit of the time. I have to save him are highly no longer records and then we will start with a new page and he begins to write new � like our mind when it records absurd things and many things and does not download at the feet of Jesus,you have now seen that I have saved the page that had reached a limit limit � that it cannot write anymore because in each page there is a debt of many thousand words when this limit is reached it does not write anymore micro you have to save it and open another page. This is a similarity to our brain when man becomes sad or has problems or suffers psychological trauma of the brain reaches its limit because through the reflection he does in that specific situation they multiply 100% at night he does not sleep more well he dreams of negative dreams and that person's spirit saddens and goes into depression. This is why man needs a psychological discharge at Jesus' feet,going and bringing everything to the feet of Jesus happens to the psychological discharge like what happened a little while ago on this page when I saved the previous page is like when I drop everything at Jesus' feet. This is the simile when we go to prayer at the feet of Jesus we shake off everything we commit both bad and good because I say we remain well when we commit a sin, and we confess at the feet of Jesus. Sin is forgotten by us because we have freed ourselves from that sin and the same when we download the beautiful things inside of us there is the emotion that we have experienced that emotion and we download with songs and praise to God through Jesus and thus we unload both good and evil the feet of Jesus and our physics empties 100%.That is why we are full of spirit and lively emotion again, not when we are full and it hurts us to the head. That's why I always work hard but the head and we have to take pills to calm our heads it is useless to endure these pains that every time figure, but head and take these pills because we risk bad to worse with what when we didn't hurry to download Jesus feet and take the pills and we always behave in this way comes to the crucial point that the spirit of the psychological situation says � you don't want to download now I automatically download and create you and somatizes you a disease. This is why bodily illnesses occur all the weakness within us the dystonia in the brain and cerebellum in the painting theamo automatically discharges itself and hits anywhere in our body it can hit in the brain itself it can hit in the arm it can hit the stomach it can hit a leg in the knees it can hit and it can making a tumor come where it discharges this psychological discharge does harm. That's why I invite you all to download every moment of your time every day, as you walk, now that you know that by downloading everything you have you see it as the microphone is now faster. Let me explain. I saved the page and made another one. Instead he is working, he is memorizing the whole page that we have memorized saved he is analyzing it, he is copying the words we have said, and he is faster. Here it happens and when we approach Jesus and present all our evil,our life takes on liveliness the faster we are more alive our eyes shine more our physiognomy becomes a more beautiful, more joyful color. That is why there is the similarity as in this moment in the microphone and in the page that we have saved which took much longer. Now it is faster because it has memorized what we have saved on the first page and when we save this other page the next quick one because it memorizes everything we are talking about, say being in the presence of God and his sons as pastors of his missionaries in the churches in the meetings. This means being close to someone that a source of divine life also takes on divinity, warmth, love and power.And here he tells us again in the sixth verse he says the truth we must and let us bow let us kneel before the lord who made us he who made us etc. gave life and we bow before him through his son, as in the seventh verse he says because ½ he is our God and we are the people whose care his hand leads takes us by the hand through his son and leads us into the pastures where he leads us with the knowledge of the truth of the joy of the room and of verse eight says today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart as in Melinda as in the mass day in the desert. You see when someone approaches the eternal through Jesus and understands that he is talking about approaching ever closer and looking for it, he finds that serenity with peace,that desire to be closer and closer to that person because he is sure that that person would not bring closer than this and already like when he gives the child adrenaline and chocolate because why ½ gives him the feeling of a friend of someone who loves him and that good is shown on him, with the effect of the glory of God and here we see how in verse nine he says when our fathers tempted me when ï¿ ½ your fathers tempted me, they put me to the test, although they had seen my works we do not tend ladies as our fathers tried blackened because they bid farewell to the proof of what they desired. Let's not test the gentleman.We know that mighty lord if he says something and we listen to him we deserve his trust on love of his perfection we don't tend God as he was mass in the desert. And here in the 10� verse it says forty years I had a taste for that generation and I said � a people with a misguided heart. They do not know my ways sir, at that moment they departed from this people who after forty years still promised always to the test, not understanding that God is always God seems unique who never changes. Therefore if God has behaved well in the past we do not tend no we are sure certain that God is always the same, so let us approach him, always with a feeling of joy, of love and we do not tend to say, or sir, doing this so that I may have a proof is not wrong.We always approach this with a feeling of peace, love and perfection of 15 says of Jesus verse � last verse he says therefore I swore in my anger they will not enter my rest, as indeed all that multitude of arrows turn forty years in the desert, until all those fathers died all his children took their place entered the land that had sworn God. Behold, this is a great mercy of God working spirit love and power, and when today it is possible that we are alone that we have no one watching us and we have to give an account we show how David prostrates himself on the ground with his hands apart, his legs apart with his stomach on the ground and his face on the ground and we adore the God of the impossible.We ask for everything we want, let's not expand to ask because when we ask we ask a lot because everything we ask we will keep, wisdom is asked with sweetness, with love and with thanks and well now that we have finished read this psalm 95. Let us thank the Lord in prayer and let us adore if it is possible for you to kneel at the feet of Jesus, let us adore him and thank him let us bring before his son, ours does not have a good heavenly father. Here we kneel and continue with our face on the ground as David was in front of you and at this moment we are prostrating ourselves before the feet of your son Jesus, please father of Glory's adore call we tend thanks for all that you you are doing in our life. 11 fromhigh and give us that peace with the tranquility that we are praying at this moment, we pray in the name of your son Jesus Christ that we are prostrate here before his feet and kiss the foot again glory to you, father Gloria you, my lord my Jesus all joy be to you father and your son in eternal grace father again for us father all those who are present here in prayer again please bless all the whole world the widows and the elderly, children and junkies jailed all those who are rubber lord bless they can find peace, the awakening of the comma blesses the lord still the whole world may find mercy your lord. We know when we ask,we are sure that we will obtain because your mercy is unlimited and the more we ask the more we receive tonight we will never stop asking you to bless the whole world. All the sick, prisoners, needy widows divorced ladies, even if there is still another hand I raise my hand so that you can bless the rest that I do not think at this moment please bless our families you generate mine still new how many there are true ladies who can find peace with the joy of Christ Jesus if I thank you father for this evening already bestowed this solemn blessing in this psalm 95 where there is still time. You prefer that we will follow the psalm and that we can find dignity, security, power in Christ Jesus.Thank you father in the number your son whom you have blessed for ever to deny me to me in grace. Now that we're done. We thank again those who have heard and seen this psalm and we also thank those who undertake to carry this psalm to all their friends by sharing it in groups, profiles, WhatsApp slippers still in social realities working exist in the world that can be shared and help others, as I am helping you right now be aware that what we do for God's people, God does it to us and we make it a part of God's people, but God returns it to us 10 times of what we do because God is not a miserable God, he is a God, ofabundance and this abundance is reflected on all of us loved ones in grace we give time to the microphone that is approaching and while he approaches. I greet you in the peace of the Lord to all of you in the name of Christ Jesus and four kisses now and more my spirit