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Web cam Geremia 4 Italian automatic writing A happy evening to all those who are listening and watching these videos that I transmit with pleasure and joy I transmit these videos knowing that someone could have a great need this evening we want to dedicate especially to God and Jesus Reading a passage in the Bible that tonight I asked the lord for a strong passage that can eradicate and make the whole world rejoice knowing that I have not even read or just looked at thebeginning of the chapter and then where I am reading this verse of this chapter onwards it would be in Jeremiah four who has a Bible of yours take it and read it with me I warn you that before we see it we must put ourselves in communion with the Lord God almighty through his son Jesus Christ whoever wishes to come with me on his knees or with the mind or with the body the important thing is to dedicate with joy and heart to him to the Eternal God of our fathers and of us I am about to begin to pray be sure to be able to do this prayer with joy because if you abandon yourselves completely tonight you see the light the true light that God wants you to see I really feel it in my heart God bless us Holy Father God oflove tonight we come to you through your son Jesus Christ on our knees before your son's feet we come to you and we carry all our defects our troubles our difficulties all the things that haunt us and disturb us in our hearts and heartsspirit and above all we want to bring all our diseases as a father and we want to bring here in front of your son Jesus Christ's feet and we unload them as if we unloaded an overturned father truck at the feet of your son Jesus here in front of us and heavenly father we this evening we want to offer a solemn prayer a prayer that can be unfounded in our heart and in our depths in our soul and flow on your son Jesus Christ at the feet of your son knowing and aware that this prayer will come as an effect to you father I have seen the trajectory of the father prayer that came towards you like a thirst like lightning father thank you that you will pick up this prayer God oflove father Holy thank you and we are sure father and certain that tonight you will bless us from head to toe and from foot to head yes you will give everything we need father because our prayers have been exhaustive our prayers these days what we have done and what we are about to do will reach your heart in your intimate father and I am sure father that we have moved your heart and we will continue to move it with dignity with love and affection thank you father again tonight that we can bestow joy love health power and safety to all those who are afflicted sick disoriented overwhelmed by every kind of manifestation one father through the enemy through the inclement weather of nature through all the climate through this virus also through these manifestations that are fear in the worldfather infuse us father immense security happiness that we can reach you with dignity with your approval father bless us from above and give us the wisdom we need we thank you father for this joy that you have placed in our hearts and in the our life still blesses above all father the elderly widows the prisoners father the drug addicts the afflicted father the children and the homeless the fatherless orphans how many there are still in the disoriented clinics of the disease and how many diseases there are father in this world we want to put them all in front of you through your son Jesus Christ who can be healed by you and your son Jesus we thank you father for this awareness that you will wash us tonight and give us a candid and wonderful robe thank you father thank you Godlove for this joy that you will give us and you will make us even more exhaustive stronger and happier yes father this we want tonight on your great love on your great goodness we count on your father to infuse on us tonight what we have asked for and I am sure father that we will all be sure father that you will give us what we asked for but tripled thatabundance as you have always done with our fathers yes father we read the beautiful things you did in the old testament we read your word father we meditated Lord and we are aware that you will not only give us what we have asked for but you will bless us triple with all good and all things thank you father again how many are still incredulous father their heart and your grace and your power penetrate on them father that from now on they can believe you and your son Jesus we thank you father this still does not force us in your word Lord and to put it in judgment in our hearts and in our souls as a father because on you we count on everything in the name of your son Jesus Christ whom you have blessed in eternal amen amen glory to God dear in grace tonight is a special evening it hasannounced in advance God and continues to announce it because whoever hopes in the Lord will be blessed as blessed me, you too see grace dad thanks to you. Now and God Who Speaks through the voice of brother Angelo Picone my children you have moved me and this evening my heart expresses itself on you with joy and love and not only will I give you what you have asked for but I will spread my hand everywhere. you will touch and walk everything you touch both with your hands and with your feet it will be blessed as true that I live today whoever entrusts himself to my son will have eternal life and infinite grace for eternity ..... ...... absolute silence ..........grace dad alleluia Holy Holy you are Lord heavenly father I didn't even expect me to read your word to move you to bless us father and this was wonderful father that you blessed us in advance that we could read your word but tonight with this emotion that proceeds that you have given us this blessing Lord surely you have filled us both internally and externally with what we have to say father I already feel the father vibration of the power that you have put inside me inside all those who will watch this video and all videos that you will make me father bless Lord whoever looks will be blessed their eyes will shine with joy with love and with power and not only his eyes but the whole person will take energy and power through your son Jesus Christ that you have blessed foreverglory to you father glory your son Lord thank you father for this word and for your blessing Lord thank you and again father we are to read your word Lord hold us tight in your arms and you will give us that solution that we need father is father because this is wonderful to know and be able to do your will day and night to God be praise and glory in Christ Jesus amen and from the first verse in chapter of Jeremiah four to God be praise amen Israel if you come back says the Lord if you come back from me if you remove your abominations from my presence if you no longer go wandering here and there if you promise the Lord that you live in truth with righteousness and justice then all nations will be blessed in him in us they will glory because so the Lord speaks to the people of Judah and Jerusalem till yourselves a new field and notsow among thorns the Lord says that you grant your hearts men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem so that my rage does not burst like a fire and ignite to the point that no one can extinguish it because of the wickedness of your actions announce an invasion foreign glory to God we stop here in chapter four to God be praise and glory if we have time we will also read the five but we want to give space to the word of the Lord here who blessed this early evening not only he knows blessed but he was with us and he gave us that solution that we had waited for so long I do not know how many of you have felt his presence while he was also speaking that he spoke with my voice that he used this poor man who tries to do his will certainly yes it can also be of use to each of you if you put yourself in iton your knees and praise his son from tonight onwards when you do this you will surely be in contact withalmighty God and Jesus because it is very simple, dear ones in grace, to be in contact with the spirit of God by doing his will by showing loyalty to the whole world by helping others by visiting the sick having the joy of understanding who is suffering and giving him the support or the blessing they need from tonight onwards if you use this you will find the spirit of God who will not only enter your body and mind and heart but he himself will manage your life and joyfully manage it with love and with power and all that you will do as he said this evening all that you will touch both with your hands and with your feet he has blessed him and will bless him again those who will still come and will do his will through his son and here as says his word in Jeremiah four to thethe beginning says Israel if you come back says the Lord if you come back to me if you remove your abomination from my presence if you no longer wander here and see if we return to him by removing all those abominations that we have on us even in our homes. our walls amulets crucifixes statues totems things that we believe to be superstition if we find all these useless symbols and burn them tonight we kneel before his presence through his son he will bless us you know what he says or Israel if you come back says the Lord if you come back to me if you remove your abomination from my presence if you no longer go wandering here and there he says in the second verse if you swear by the Lord who lives in truth with righteousness and justice then the nations will be blessed him through you if you dothis God will bless all nations see to him glory all nations go see if we lower ourselves by taking off amulets totems and symbols that we have honored without knowing that we sinned without knowing that As we were in abomination we did not know how I once was catholic and I did not do it for evil they had taught me what I did so when I entered a church I would cross myself and bow in front of a plaster or wooden statue or any kind of image that was carved on the walls inside the Church or when I passed through the streets looking for crucifixes or when there were images of Our Lady or the Holy Heart, the immaculate heart or who knows how many images there are during our walk wherever we go and when I saw them they had taught me to give a sign of praise and thank you oralso of recognition that they were something that were honored I did not do it for evil I was not conscious and so some of you this evening begins to understand how I did to sin so you too have been sinners and I am sorry to tell you yes how I I have been so you too have been and tonight I tell you with all my heart return to your courtyards return to your hearts and purify yourself from all these amulets carved images or honors to these statues that come on your path and get away from everyone and not never again bow down but only to the eternal God and to Jesus give us honor power wherever you are and if you cannot with the body do it with the mind and the Holy spirit honor it for all the time you will live this earth and when if you have the permission to go with him to theeternity this is already said in these two verses Almighty God tonight gives that authorization to be able to disassemble all our totems our symbols to disassemble them and throw them into the fire even burn them as a gift do not do as I did that once before convert I even bought a statue that depicted the Lord Jesus Christ the sacred heart at the height of a man imagine when money or used to buy it to take it home I had it painted and then honored you see I have sinned once but not I knew I was conscious they had taught me this religion and I had this inside of me a good God and Jesus in this way that they had taught me but when I saw that instead of going forward it was going backwards like the wave of the sea you know thewave of the sea as it does it seems that it pushes the water forward when there is a storm but he who does it pushes forward and then it pulls everything back not only the water but almost everything also the sand backwards if the sea and strong and so it seems to us that we are moving forward with this religion but instead we are going backwards into the chasm sorry I am not angry with religion but only that I am saying the true reality God wants to be honored in the Holy spirit and not in images carved or drawn on the walls or totems that you sacrifice night day to pray to them no God wants us to pray to the Holy Spirit with theimagination that we make of him because he is Holy spirit and here he says from the third verse since this is how the Lord speaks to the people of Judah and Jerusalem dissociate yourselves a new field and do not sow among the thorns see God says this in the third verse tilled a new field who has a garden who has a countryside go immediately when you have time to plow with the tractor shake with the motorbike with the pickaxe with the hoe it does not matter how your possibility everyone does according to the possibility he has and the strength and finance that to clear a new field you have to remove all the things that are negative all the things that are in the house that are abominable to take them and burn them even to give them away absolutely do not give anything to anyone by giving them away so that others can sin and this is not just thatthat you do as I am telling you and you do not do as I did once this statue that I bought was worth burning or breaking or massacring it and I took it to a church near me and gave it you know how the priest was happy and he also wanted it he told me and where I put it he told me there are many here you see you see the effect it had on the priest he even did not want it he was rejecting the image of Jesus and where I put it and as the old man said where I put it where I put it thereA song a refrain that says and where I put it the old man you see a pure chance that things return in his circle around the reflection of God do not be religion do not be ideologies but only the word of God see only this is the pure truth through this word we can bear fruit not only for us for our life of our family and acquaintances distant friends and the whole world entering as you can see I am starting to translate all my videos that I can translate and send them all over the world in all languages ​​now started with german english now i'm translating into French then into Hebrew Russian and into all the various languages ​​that I can translate imagine the Lord has sent me not only a free translator to send me if one is not enough he told me I send you two and Seen theannouncement that I put on my site now they will be yours take them and translate everything you want to translate you can translate the sites the word pages anything you want to translate in all languages ​​you can translate them without paying 1 cent and you know how much trouble I have seen in these days to translate some very small things and everyone wanted money money money for translations and even that translation were worth nothing here are the reflections of God what they are used to reconfirm all good to those who do his will and here he says clearly and round because this is what the Lord speaks to the people of Judah of Jerusalem dissociate yourselves a new field and do not sow among the thorns see here in Germany I started to get a small garden of equivalence 15 m by six and when I started to sow it I took a whileof this a little of this also of that and the garden is filled and I said oh Lord if I still had some it would suit me because it is too small you know what God did for me He did not give me one more that would be two me has given 6 gardens six gardens he gave me you see God blesses all those who adore him in the Holy Spirit and not who adore him so much to adore him and sit in church sit take the host they give the hand they are all happy when they give the hand it seems all friendships and as soon as they come out who has seen it is seen if a friend needs them they change the way we can talk about everything and not to give a sign of help woe if someone needs immediately change way this was thehumanity of today they do not do it for evil they have had so many troubles they have been through so many disappointments and the times are those who are critical and thinking that if they help others then there is nothing left then this is wrong dear in grace since I hp I understood that by blessing others and giving help to others, God Blesses me totally as I did when God but given these two translators it is not that I, these two apple translators are kept for me and I have not even said anything to anyone no immediately as you give it to me that I tried it immediately I put it on Facebook, the largest means of communication in the world today, then I put it on my sitei put on my sitei put on my sitei put on my sitei put on my sitewww.gesulalucedelmondo.itI put them on WhatsApp you give it to everyone see how to do it you have to bless others like us God blesses us only so God can bless us even more don't be stingy don't be thinking only about yourself same but think for humanity for allhumanity and here it says again from the fourth verse you will coincide and coincide your hearts men of Judah inhabitants of Jerusalem so that my fury does not burst like a fire and ignite to the point that no one can put it out because of the wickedness of your actions so far the word of God then the sign that you allow yourself is the grant yourself and mark the right path to take and do not wander to the right or to the left doing senseless things that can lead you to disappointment but do what is right in front to the world because we do not think that God does not see us and so much this action I can do very well because when we think this we are already sinners in the same action but we must already internally have a positive thought to be able to help thehumanity only already initially with the thought because the thought and the matrix force of the tractor understand our hands do not rise if there is no thought to say raise your finger that God has made a day see these symbols these actions are already Predestined and already felt done by our fathers actions that mark a path that leads him see today as today what we promise with our thoughts becomes reality and today leaving out what at this moment the Lord would want from each of us putting in this moment so saying Lord a moment to decide whether to follow you honor yourself or take the opposite side but know dear or dear in the grace of God if you raise this wall of separation to wait for the desire to decide already you are lost do not hesitate break down this wall of hesitation and immediatelyinstant tell us yes my Lord I want to follow you honored all the days of my life do not wait do not delay but remain faithful to what God wants from you but promise yourself towards the future of his grace through that trail that the Lord has received like lightning our prayers our anguish our difficulties see that trail that trail that goes towards him see how true I am tracing it that almost in your gaze you can touch it with the hand of how pure and so clear you see dear in grace how much blessing God is giving us tonight tonight he really wants not to give us everything but I say everything that each of us has asked for and with the one who has arrived and here in his word he says they are one thing they say get rid of and clear a new field sweep away every stone ofstumbling upon this visual garden of your gaze of your home of your garden of your city - God is enlarging you see how he is expanding of the cities next to you of the near and distant countries see how he is expanding and this blessing arrives beyond the ocean it goes beyond the united nations you see our light passes from one side to the other even the Milky Way in theorbit you see As you have seen now that or saved the page he writes again on the new page what happened it happened as we were full of sin and we could not walk anymore we can not go on anymore and like the computer when it is filled with viruses and spam no longer walks the computer who knows why and what we are when we get sick and why we have not downloaded the problems of disappointment and difficulty and when we still walk that road wrong everything we have accumulated damages us by discharging our body he feels that we do not know what to do in diseases in distress this and our body because our body gets sick our body gets sick because we do not know it manage and you can tell me how Angel manages the body even if our body doesit also manages itself internally and externally both in physics and in spirit it manages from head to toe and to foot to head even touching some points in the toes we go to heal theear hypothesis see how the body is managed if I touch here in the cervical neck if there is a plugged vein that no longer circulates oxygen the brain becomes ill and no longer works if we free this vein that is plugged you have understood how to free these veins that are plugged it is very simple first to pray to God on your knees and Jesus is simpler then God and Jesus gives you the wisdom how to do it with touches with pulsations with massages you can heal any human body exists in the world and any diseases that can be healed in the body with Digital pressure with massages with relaxation both spiritual, mental and physical you see how many things the Lord admitted in my life how much wisdom he has given me and I I will make it available to anyone who wishes it and or asked the Lord that inthe following year I will already use remote operations with the web CAM how do you heal people at a distance I here and the person could be in Germany or in Italy in France in Russia in America as a start of warning before anything else you have to get some sticks there are sticks those that use for painting the articulated ones that shorten and lengthen and you can take one like the medium one one of the normal long one that stretches these sticks you can use them as I do I already show a example, you put yourself near a wall and lean the stick against the wall and at the point where the pain slowly leaning againstI start until the pain decreases you see me you see without hands I am taking care of whether there is pain here or support and I wait for the pain and pain begins to decrease any pain that is in the body after about five seconds it already begins to decrease and when you press you don't have to press everything with strong force but slowly and slowly increase many timesair with a strong pain you do not have to lean hard so slowly and going squeezing more and more as soon as the pain decreases every now and then by raising the stick so that the plugged vein acts as a pump you know the pumps they use for the concrete that throws the concrete that make the concrete casting you know when they throw the concrete the pump from here ground floor can also take it to 3 4 floors five floors of floors depends on the speed of the pump that they give it and so when we do so the vein the heart pumps the blood faster and when we remove the stick from time to time the vein becomes free and all once it acts as a pump and frees the vein from the waste I recommend not to do it alone because first you have to pray we will pray together I I will pray for you and then I will tell you what to do this I desirestart from next year but if there is someone urgently call me on WhatsApp or on Facebook or on the phone I sign the phone number 00491771838057 I did it digitally with my hands because if he doesn't write it to me in voice, write this down number you can use it at any time you need if something urgent you can call me even before the year that comes to do this healing operation you need two people besides the patient because why one has to keep the phone throughI did it digitally with my hands because if he does not write it to me in vowel, write down this number you can use it at any time you need if something urgent you can call me even before the year that comes to do this healing operation You need two people besides the sick because why one has to keep the phone throughI did it digitally with my hands because if he doesn't write it to me in vowel, write down this number you can use it at any time you need if something urgent you can call me even before the year that comes to do this healing operation You need two people besides the sick because why one has to keep the phone you will install through this link that you or put you install this program Skype add me as a friend by marking this name Angelo Picone with the name of the profile piuviciniageson this and the name of my profile by typing this name that I have marked all united and looking for me as Angelo Picone you will find immediately or otherwise send me your nominative address of your skype and I will always add it means that you can communicate before this operation through WhatsApp or Facebook or by telephone first of all I warn you that there is no disease that God cannot cure anyone from small operation tumor as you have noticed God I transcribe my videos in Facebook with a long list where I explain through a pre-recorded video and typed in text all the video and a page every day where he says thatwhat to do to heal from a tumor here I veil a few words first of all you see I am with a heat tems near here you see full of hot water I prefer it adding a little of you not so much that it should be boiled hot water and For the whole day tomorrow, let's not do it again because what we drink today we don't have to drink it tomorrow we have to drink it a lot when we drink it because it doesn't cost much to boil water and put a sachet two or three of you or any other what do you prefer sage chamomile valerian lemon orange flowers let me explain now I tell you what the water is for because hot boiled water why hot water when we boil it we kill all living cells that are in the water L'water becomes pure without cells the tumor feeds exclusively on the cells that are in the water the tumor does not eat meat it does not eat salad does not eat spaghetti does not eat anything only the small animals of the cells that are in the water we kill the water cells we have destroyed food for cancer cancer and what if he does not get food today not getting food tomorrow not getting food the day after tomorrow not getting food for the whole week not getting food for the whole month not getting food for two months when there is no food for three months he slowly begins to sag and when the patient goes to check himself in thehospital or clinic or doctor notices the doctor that through the visit and through all the necessary checks he realizes that the tumor has not gone forward but has come back because it is seen dear in the grace that the tumor has withered and the doctor will tell the good news she knows you and my state of how it was last visit the tumor has improved if withered but what did the doctor say strange that this tumor has gone instead go back and forth you knowing what have you done look at him in peace and smile and maybe you really want to say yes you really want to tell him and tell him they advised me to do this cure boiled water does not matter the water cools down who wants to put it even in summer also in the refrigeratorboiled water or boiled tea or any other boiled drink can also put it in the refrigerator or even can make even the granita everything you want as long as it is boiled first you see it is not serious and then you say but it looks like boiled water I have to drink yes, you always have to drink boiled water until you get rid of the problem of this tumor and when you have removed the problem of the tumor for safety I advise you to continue because since your body has been put this infection in your body there may be some other cancer cell and could grow with the help ofnormal water and you may have a relapse again with another tumor so my advice is to continue this life see me see I show it you saw you saw that delight Prost toast with this cure also saves you from buying water 'It is more necessary that we buy water because the boiled water from the tap and very good boiling it removes all the cells that could cause damage to our body closing this let's go on with something else we talked about the word of God we talked about this great medicine that hot water for cancer we also talked about cervical pain pains any pain in the body operations undergone in the body that bring damage when there is a change in theair or the temperature changes and then rheumatism pains occur at that point with these acupressure and difficulties and massages and relaxation and transmission of thought and prayer are swept away now I am translating all the videos I have and in possession and all the other videos of relaxation of massages acupressure oriental cures that lead to the knowledge of our points such as touching the toe and going to heal the ear see or touch here see if I touch here under the nose and here elbow see these: I lose weight and touching them 3 4 times a day with acupressure see here 4 5 seconds so strong if there isPain stay more and more touch here is over you see at the first touch the pain is over, squeeze slowly and then as you go forward go on squeezing harder and harder squeeze in with your finger it does not matter if there is pain that it will disappear in a few seconds and when you have started with the other points you will be able to completely heal your whole body with this acupressure always first praying and giving glory to God - if you do not praise God and Jesus apart from that you will not believe it you have not not even want to do it because the enemy distracts you from doing it and puts so many things in front of you that you go away from this way on the other run away what can I tell you more tonight but I don't want to make it long I say I give the most important news bynext year through these operations that you will do and through your spontaneity that you will send a small offer of yours in advance to my bank account number in the next year that comes I will start trying to manage theI start to build a large clinic where there will be all doctors, paramedics, nurses and all that is needed by ambulances all as an official clinic because it will be registered through what the government wants and everything will be free for the whole world but this great clinic as it comes built with your offers will live on your offers whoever is operated on in this clinic and is obliged to leave an offer according to his or her desire and according to what he or she has received because God says how to receive you will give no one will ask you to pay no one will pay a flower and a sign of love this says the nature of humanity every sign a flower a sign of love and having said this tonight I have said everything now I want to pray if you are fromagreement we will pray together on our knees or with the body or with the mind in front of the presence of God and Jesus glory to you Father Hallelujah heavenly father word and all that you put in our heart and soul tonight Lord we thank you again for those future things that you will make us do as this great father clinic like all these healing that we will do with only your prayer and your Holy Spirit that you will guide us even at a distance we here and they inother part of the world through these Internet programs that we can see each other and we can communicate how they must heal thanks father for this and above all father tonight bless everyone and father we ask that anyone who sees these videos father may already be blessed by you with your glory of your love your goodness of your mercy father bless all those who are in need a healing from the smallest to the greatest and from the greatest to the smallest bless the Lord that we can find grace upon thanks in Christ Jesus that you have blessed him for ever amen amen dear in grace now thetime to say goodbye as I always do you see I hold you in my arms and I rock like Jesus rocks me night and day you see I rock you and four kisses 1 2 3 four and I send you my double spirit that God has given me take it what gave me to you all so much joy with great love my double spirit to all thank you father make that anyone who receives this double spirit father may be touched by you father and may be blessed immediately as soon as he received this spirit my double spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you bless him forever amen amen with the grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Loveinstant that my double spirit received this spirit thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus that you blessed it in eternal amen amen with grace I greet you in the peace of the Lord brother Angelo Picone who always thinks of you with Affection and Love

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Testimonianza No Komment Non Possiamo Commentarla da Come e Piazzata Bene nel Signore Gesü

Ero perduto, ma ora sono salvo; avevo la coscienza contaminata dalle opere morte, ma adesso è purificata dal sangue di Gesù Cristo; ero morto, ma ora sono vivo; ero cieco, ma ora ci vedo; ero vestito di vestiti sudici, ora invece sono vestito di vesti bianche; ero infelice, ma ora sono felice; ero povero, ma ora sono ricco; non avevo niente, ma ora ho tutto; camminavo nelle tenebre, ma ora cammino nella luce; ero schiavo del peccato, ma ora sono affrancato; ero sotto la potestà di Satana, ma ora sono sotto la potestà di Dio; ero lontano da Dio, ma ora sono vicino a Dio; ero un nemico di Dio, ma adesso sono un suo amico; ero un figlio d’ira, ma ora sono un figlio di Dio; ero senza speranza, ma ora ho una speranza buona; ero senza Cristo, ma ora Cristo dimora in me; non conoscevo la verità, ma adesso la conosco; ero maledetto, ma ora sono benedetto; avevo paura della morte, ma adesso non ce l’ho più; non sapevo dove stavo andando, adesso invece so dove vado cioè in cielo con il Signore Gesù; ero sulla via che mena nelle fiamme dell’inferno, ma ora sono sulla via che mena nella gloria in cielo.

E tutto questo per la grazia di Dio. Non quindi in virtù di opere giuste che avessi compiute, o per dei miei meriti personali; NO, MA PER LA GRAZIA DI DIO.

Voglio dunque ringraziare Dio in Cristo che ha voluto farmi grazia, secondo che Egli ha detto: “Farò grazia a chi vorrò far grazia” (Esodo 33:19).










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