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A good evening to everyone God has blessed us this day with a special blessing that we can truly say Abba father thanks for this blessing that you give us Donato and tonight my lord put a strong word to heart about Ezekiel take it that soon we will pray we will surely read it tonight the Lord will bless the whole world because this is a powerful reading for those who understand the word of God for those who do not yet understand it should get help from someone because we were not born educated but with thehelp of those close to us we will begin to understand everything according to God's will this is a great lesson that the Lord wants to give us tonight because he wants everyone to be at the same stature no 1 + high and not even 1 + low his understanding of the word of God does not say of stature of height or of length of length of the person but all at a mental and physical and physical and also spiritual level all at an equal level because it takes us at an equal level so that we can understand everything according to his will because soon there will be very powerful things to understand so let's have a vice to be able to instruct ourselves according to biblical criteria well whoever wants to pray with me now I automatically say to get on our knees either with the mind or with the body for those who he finds himself in circumstances that cannot kneel as in this onethe moment I am here in front of the pc talking I kneel with my mind first a leg then theother and I imagine that I am at the feet of Jesus in front of the feet of Jesus I see them with my mind the concept that I have of having the feet of Jesus in front of me then the rest if someone can see more of the feet of Jesus to Glory God Hallelujah well Hallelujah father thank you father tonight that we can come to you and carry all our burdens with the joy of coming at the feet of your son Jesus as in this moment we are picturing ourselves all together as one man a single woman near the feet of Jesus your son the blessed one that you have blessed him forever thank you father for this great opportunity that you still give us to be more humble and get closer to you with this method of spiritual and mental initialisation that we can conclude what is impossible in reality but you have taught us with this technique that we canspiritually mentally be consistent with what you want by always kneeling in front of you or even in front of your courtyard Holy father glory to you father glory alleluia papa we are all here together in front of your presence father thank you for blessing us this day that you today and this night you will free us again with your Holy spirit with your Holy love we want to bring all our defects father before your presence we want to bring everything you in this moment gave us so many years ago that you gave us for ours both physical and spiritual growth father at this moment we place everything at your child's feet our distress our diseases our things that lead us to illness father take us by the hand father make us new people purify our heart purify our mindpurifies our body is where it is some sickness father completely cancels everything father yes father make everything possible to be purified with your mighty hand and that your joy may return to us Lord like the breath you gave to our patriarch Adam yes father blows on us and purify us Lord until the end of our days father that we can be more and more constant in prayer and with everything father bless father again this evening with your word yes father in Ezekiel 29 Lord these verses from one to seven father yes father so that we can still distinguish between these verses what you want to instill in our heart and soul father si father Make us feel even more alive with this word that we can be penetrated like a double-edged sword father who can reach the marrow father who can find that joyevery creature every child of yours and every living soul that is approaching you through your son father yes father tonight you will surely free us and give us what we have prayed in these long years in these long months in these long days still for those who still for a few minutes that they have approached and are still approaching father make these people still a total respect Lord who can understand a little that you alone are the eternal God there is no other God like you father because you fromhigh ai penetrated into our heart through your son Jesus Christ thank you father we thank you for praising and blessing you father still stay with us father with this word Lord may you speak Lord because we are still empty of what you really want include in our heart in our spirit Lord fill us with your Holy spirit makes us a source that springs for all the creation of the world for the whole universe father that all can be quenched by your word with a positive sense of love and reality thank you father in the name of Christ Jesus your son the blessed for ever amen amen glory glory to you father Hallelujah alleluia alleternal God dear in grace again tonight Lord blessed us beyond measure and we are happy we start with you it is true that sometimes there are people who cannot perceive the spirit of God in 100% perfect activity but what the Lord he wants to get closer to him tonight understand we must be like when we put our finger in the light switch knowing that we already think we have to raise our hand we have to push the finger forward at the same height as the switch you already see we push that finger up 'height of the switch and knowing and aware that when we think theswitch turns on the light you see the positive thought and conscience of each of our thoughts that we elaborate therefore tonight dear in grace who does not have an elaborate conscious thought of what the Lord wants tonight we can acquire everything not because we deserve it but for grace ofeternal God only so we can be used for his power for his glory to God be the glory in Christ Jesus dear in grace we begin to read the word of the Lord in Ezekiel 29 because it is already late we do not want to expand with other things in quotes we must be aware of the time we have available because everyone has to go to bed for those who work tomorrow we must be consistent to hurry up the microphone did not write what we said from the point we must be consistent to hurry in everything but we know what we have said - the Lord knows everything and from here re-reading the word of the Lord again from the beginning to be able to record it also in the video he says prophecies against Egyptyear 10 the 10 month the 12 day of the month the word of the Lord was addressed to me in these terms son of man turn your face against Pharaoh king of Egypt prophesy against him and against all Egypt speaks and of this God speaks here I am against you pharaoh king of Egypt great crocodile that you are lying inside your rivers and you say the river is mine and it is I who did it I will put hooks in your jaws will make sure that the fish of your rivers will cling to your scales and pull you out of your rivers with all the fish of your rivers attached to your scales will throw you and all the fish of your rivers into the desert and you will fall over the fields you will not be gathered no harvest and I will give you mixture to the beasts of the earth and the birds of the sky all the inhabitants ofEgypt will know that I am the Lord because they were a cane support for the house of Israel when they took you in your hand you broke and you pierced their whole shoulder when they leaned on you you broke and you let all the word of the Lord stay on their hips so far as we said we can break up this chapter because it is late and we do not want that while we meditate this piece it would be too late if there would still be others to meditate we do not put much meat because it could burn all, let's be able to explain it calmly because this is a strong word as we could read on theEgypt and what the Lord did about Pharaoh when he proclaimed himself a God he proclaimed himself it was he who built the rivers he who created them he who made himself as a master of all that is before his eyes and let's see how the Lord sends his prophet and tells him go and prophesy to the pharaoh of Egypt prophesy of these words let's see now how the prophet spoke and how things came true what the Lord meant with these words let's see calmly and expect the glory of God in its smallest details if there isIt is still someone who at this moment is feeling itchy tingles tickling in the body in the shoulders in the arms in the face in the head a tickle and because this word is very strong and could also give psychological disturbances to someone who is weak in faith and in its clarity in the trial of the Lord and had difficulties with the world with the family quarrels problems with the wife with the children with the grandfather with the grandmother you see are things that could have influenced even hearing this word because sometimes we feel bigger and more Strong of what we are, sir, he wants us to lower ourselves to the ground by kneeling and giving glory to him saying that we are nothing in the presence ofmost high eternal God and we must not rise up saying of the greatness that God has given us and to boast because this would be a complete fall and how when I give you a flow you know when they put mines under the buildings to completely destroy them they put mines under the columns and this palace falls all the time and you see that dust it makes when it falls and the mines explode under the palace and so onman when he sends his dowry we say that the lord gave him that strength that lord gave him when he boasts he collapses everything once and becomes nothing with reality and here he tells us this word as first advent what I have explained to you in this moment from verse one to seven he declares what the pharaoh boasted what he declares to be master of the river of fish and of all that stands before him of his men in the kingdom of everything and as a God he has made himself master of the whole universe and this falls in him in defense of all his actions.We now see what prophecy against Egypt says the pharaoh and fro

m the first verse he says the10th year 10th month I 12th day of the month the word of the lord was addressed to me in these terms in this period of this date the prophet was addressed to him this word in these terms to say son of man turn your face against the pharaoh net Egypt and prophesies against him and against all Egypt cream and you see God personally spoke to the prophet the prophet took into consideration what the Lord God told him va speaks and prophesies against Egypt and of this against Pharaoh and against Egypt and speaks in these terms this is what God speaks the lord here I am against you Pharaoh king ofEgypt great crocodile that you are lying immense to your rivers and you say the river is mine and it is I who did it you see how he imagined how he expressed himself pharaoh against all the people against all those who the ministers who stood before him that he did master of the rivers of the crocodiles and of all that lived of the fish in the river here is that the word Lord was addressed to him in these terms go and tell the pharaoh or you that you sleep lying in these plains in these rivers where there are these crocodiles these fish and you say that these things are yours he speaks against this Pharaoh king of Egypt and say in these terms what at this moment the Lord is doing against Pharaoh through the prophet is total warning is putting him at attentioncareful in the precision of being able to even pull him out because at that moment the Lord was still trying to warn him that he could still bring him into repentance but the pharaoh we see that he did not repent when he listened to these things, on the contrary he was furious and we see the proof Lord what he said that he who said the river is mine and it is I who created it andI did and from this verse it says I will put hooks in your jaws will make river fish stick to your scales and pull you out of your rivers with all the fish of your rivers attached to your scales you see the Lord warns the pharaoh through the prophet saying or you that you live in this valley of the river and you make yourself like a God you make yourself the owner who created these rivers that you created the fish that you gave life to everything around you to it I through my prophet will let you know that I will put hooks on your jaws And they will throw you into the river where all the fish of the river will cling with the crocodiles and the fishes and everything that lives in the river - it will pull you outside you know when one pulls the net into the river with needles to fish and when he feels that something is stuck in the lakein the river I have in the sea the line of the line begins to tremblenow we jerk the line and all that we have caught fish comes out whatever is attached and so the Lord through the prophet puts hooks on the jaws of the pharaoh throws him into the river where all the fish and all that are attached who lives in the river and the Lord through his prophetic word of the prophet pulls him out of the river with all the fish that are attached - he says that at this moment when he was in the fifth verse he says he will throw you into the wilderness to you and all the fish of the your rivers see the Lord aggravates the word that he had made himself master of these rivers and all the fish of his rivers and you will fall immense at the changes you will not be gathered or gathered and I will mix you with the beasts of the earth and the birds of heaven you see through the prophet from the Lord this prophecies that will do this damage to the pharaohhe will put hooks on the jaws he will throw it into the river as when one throws the hooks of the line into the river what will stick in that line all the fish will stick will be pulled the pharaoh out of the river with all the fish attached and all every soul that lives in the river is attached to him and will be taken and thrown into the desert where he will not be gathered or collected or purified but will be placed and left there in the desert as for food of the desert animals. what does the Lord do to those who get their heads up to those who feel a little higher than others who brags above what they should be because when an old proverb says when you stand balance and stay still because soon you will fall you see this little proverb and to make us understand that if we are atstanding and we are fine and then we raise our eyes we look and smile against those around us and maybe we evaluate above the people around us and like a smoke that rises around us and disperses what we have visualized what we felt and how when we read in the word of the Lord King Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon was that he felt what he felt like this episode all once the kingdom was taken away from him and he was put into dough next to the animals of the field see how many episodes are identical like this with the pharaoh of Egypt and so this great king who at that time felt high and we know that he was dispersed until seven years passed and he repented understood that there was nothing else God atapart from this great and mighty God that we adore him and so he was given the power of kingdoms again when man re-enters himself and gives glory to God he becomes again like angels because he is like angels because our unconscious and our brain and cerebellum come to be in tune you see in tune with theparallel universe because we live and I don't want to go much more than what I should tonight but I mention that we live in two parallel worlds if we see if we identify ourselves through Jesus we identify ourselves parallel to him you see these worlds yes connect you see my fingers are triggered and it becomes a single world no longer parallel but unique but as long as we feel above what we must be we are detached we live in two parallel worlds detached from the spiritual reality that God desires with us that We buy and here says from the sixth verse all the inhabitants of Egypt will know that I am the Lord because they have been for the house ofIsrael a cane support you see the pharaoh and when they took it in their hands it broke and they pierced their shoulders when they leaned on you you broke and you made them all stand on their hips you see this pharaoh was so clean from his power and he felt like a God so much that he praised himself God the god of the sun god sun I don't know how many expressions that have been made because I don't want to go into the depths of these studies on pharaoh but only that here the word of the Lord puts him on guard and if a person like me like you like everyone else does not understand what the Lord wants from each of us tonight we get our heads up and we want to do everything our own way and then it explodes like aexplosion as I mentioned of those buildings that put mines under and destroy them we sink all at once and how much dust these buildings make when they collapse with mines and so will we be when we sink into the depths of the abyss because we end up in the abysses sometimes we feel it in critical moments when we sin of sins general sins with friends and relatives with the elderly with the sick sins that maybe we could do without giving respect to the sick to the prisoner to the widow to the elderly to children to the handicapped to all those who are there who come toI meet giving us respect, honor and also help with what we can and the Lord does not say to undress you completely but he says in the trial the Lord if you damage the two tunics to your brother who without having you see does not say to undress to take away everything we have but says help in the best possible way that we can because what we can and do not go against nature we go against the word of the Lord and we sin these are sins that we pay for through diseases of our body because our body gets sick our body is ill because it has reached a certain entrance inside our mind, our brain in the cerebellum and in everything we have as a spiritual container and we do not have a physical and physical and spiritual discharge it happens that when we do not do this discharge with repentance withrelaxation with pause with respect with giving what the Lord requires to give to others by visiting thesick visiting prisoners you will tell me you did this if you did not do it this I did another you see he does not say that every creature must do all these things does not say the Lord this says do what you can but do it does not say you Caio and Martino di doing this does not oblige but says go to the world and do my proselytes what can you say that we must go to the world even if we with these programs we have are at home in our comfortable table in front of a PC in front of a mobile phone or in front of some another Internet tool and visiting with the room everything we can negotiate and talking about the Lord and giving this evangelization to be able to make the whole world understand what the Lord wants you already see and as if one for all to bring the good news here from the Lord go and make my proselytes see inthis moment I am at my house in front of two PCs 1 is registering online one that I am recording plus the mobile phone that is recording other things in other programs you see and soon wanting to buy 10 more computers that can automatically go to evangelize alluniverse programmed because what I want to buy are not these small PCs that weak with too low connection if some spam does not make it go these big computers that you will buy are not portable but powerful computer generators and because they will never cost a lot of money the Lord surely he gives me this money to help the world because all I want to do is to give glory to God of how in this moment the Lord is making me realize a great clinic these days I am starting spiritually to the Internet but soon this great clinic will be reality as already at this moment some projects are already on Facebook already the photos sent anyone can go to my profiles can see the great clinic that is already in place this is all for the glory of God for those who still don'the understood everything that I will try to build it will be mainly with the help of the Lord and with the help of the neighbor who will send a

n offer who can not say you guy sends the obligatory offer if one cannot the old woman in the temple gave two coins the people who looked were scolding the old woman who gave little but the Lord answered everyone this woman gave more to all of you because she gave what she could what little she had and it would be more the one who admitted so much money because whoever admitted so much money to put away her superfluous instead this old woman to put just what she hadobligatory offer if one cannot the old woman in the temple gave two coins the people who were watching were reproaching the old woman who gave little but the Lord answered everyone this woman gave more all of you because she gave what she could what little she had and would be more than what she admitted so much money because whoever admitted so much money to put what is superfluous instead this old woman to put just what she hadobligatory offer if one cannot the old woman in the temple gave two coins the people who were watching were reproaching the old woman who gave little but the Lord answered everyone this woman gave more all of you because she gave what she could what little she had and would be more than what she admitted so much money because whoever admitted so much money to put what is superfluous instead this old woman to put just what she had


Yes, now the microphone begins to write again what happened I will surely explain you all have understood what happened and happened that all the programming that the supplied microphone is filled up and when the memory supplied is filled with that sheet you have to save it and if you want to save it otherwise throw it if you save it when you need this writing you can use it I also use it for transcribing the other videos in other languages ​​before I correct it because I can correct it remove everything that is badly written with automatic correction and also the human one and then I put back copy paste in the translator that in my site that I sent you anyone who needs a translator in my site attop there are two translators the best free translators take one I like and you can translate any site you have any page you put the link of the site or the page or the word page or any program just put the link of the name translate well in quotes asking this topic I will explain what happened to the microphone that did not write anymore and then when I changed the page to written again and so and the man is that he gets sick because he gets sick because everything what we have done for good or evil not having a spiritual psychological discharge that the brain and the person is renewed again gets sick because he gets sick because he does not unload at the feet of Jesus with prayer everything like a truck you know those trucks trucks when they raise the tipper and unload and so andman when he entrusts himself to God through Jesus discharges completely through the spirit that includes himself within us he relies in prayer and purifies himself the person takes place this discharge both psychological and physical spiritual and so the person discharging does not get sick instead not having this I unload anything other than going to the doctor and getting prescribed pills other than going to the psychologist is lying in the bed telling all his problems and he the doctor transcribes everything or records what he has done what others have done that will be like that pill when we take for the headache that we can no longer and the pain passes us it calms us but it is a transient ephemeral thing because if the container is full today or tomorrow I have the day after tomorrow or next month we are again.Da Capo and not only this if we use this system that we do not download and we take the pill or we go to the doctor or we go to a psychoanalyst or we go here we go there when we reach a certain limit our mind must download compulsory either by itself or by force it will unload but woe to where it will unload if it unloads itself it goes to unload to somatize somewhere in our body a disease can be chronic disease it can be a tumor arthrosis curves can be a pain in the knee to the thigh to the legs to the calves to the feet to the toes say that they are distorted so they cross one with theother these are intentional discharges trouble where they discharge clogged veins can be plugged and the blood does not circulate well because because there is a psychological discharge and where it goes to discharge it does damage and no longer works and similar as the computer when the computer takes a virus slowly that computer is slowing down we see that computer and begins that butterfly that records to turn slowly to slow down that butterfly that turns then arrives That always turns and does not go on to record or show the pages of sites or from the Internet or what we are looking at is no longer able to make it visualize because why it is blocked and so our brain when our brain gets where it needs to go it crashes and a catastrophe happened and when this point arrives and we do not download with the spirit of God and Jesus we goin the destruction of our body I explained to myself troubles where it automatically discharges alone does damage to the powerful one we don't even notice how he lay down good and in the morning and dead in the morning they found him dead what he got a block in the heart peace all 'your soul amen dear in grace we must be objective from now on we must learn more we must not do as some doctors say you know i went to school i went to bible school i am a doctor of the bible law they say i know the bible by heart they say step by step word for word woe to these people who boast in this way that they feel they are doctors of the law of God doctorates even call themselves apostles doctors and how many other names that call themselves woe to these people without offending anyone I do not want no I do not want to offend anyone just only that I get down I am a small stone that the Lord is inserting me I am not even inside yet He is inserting me in his temple thank you father glory yes papa thank you for your blessing especially thank you for thatthat you put in my heart tonight to talk about them and I thank you and I humble myself in front of you in front of your son in front of all the angels to the saints that you have proclaimed in this spiritual world thank you father thank you for your blessing Father again this evening and this night Lord that soon when we have finished with this word you will make us go to bed and you will make us rest and you will give us Quetta tranquility happiness both spiritual and material well-being thank you father for this great advent you have put in our heart in our spirit in our soul thank you heavenly father in the name of Christ Jesus that you have eternally blessed amen and amen well dear in grace now that we have finished with the word of the Lord that we have also finished with the explanation of what the Lord wants from all of usnow I will show you some things that I am preparing in the grace of God so you know where to move in my site within all the pages that I am preparing as you have now seen the microphone writes again because I am in the central page I have shown the my site I have shown the site I am    in all languages ​​and now I greet you in the peace of the Lord with the blessing of God I rock you as Jesus cradles me and I give you the spiritual blessing for the whole world that God bless you today, tomorrow and always forever May God give the solution to every creature every son every daughter and everything they need we thank the Lord for this night that gave us this joy this freedom of thought and happiness in Christ Jesus amen close good night brother Angelo Picone see you soon Amen